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Oct 7, 2007 02:17 PM

Please help me find this cake!

So last night we were at a birthday party at Lola's, and someone brought a three layer chocolate cake with chunks of candied orange in the cake and the chocolate buttercream frosting. It was rich, it was decadent, it was heavenly, it was from ... sigh ... Sweet Lady Jane.

I want to bring a cake like this to my father-in-law, who loves chocolate-orange things so much that the last time Baskin Robbins had mandarin chocolate yoghurt he filled his freezer with the stuff, but the last time I went into Sweet Lady Jane WAS the last time, if you catch my drift -- that was the time where I finally fumed, "I didn't know that you were allowed to be better than everyone else when you work in a shop."

The father-in-law lives in the Yuppie Forest (yes, that's right, Calabasas) and I live in Orange County, so pretty much anywhere in LA or Orange Counties is fine with me. Any price point, too -- but it has to have the candied oranges in the frosting. Just save me from the "you should be glad we're allowing you to eat our food" attitude of Sweet Lady Jane.

I'm going to ask our friends at the Blackmarket Bakery next weekend at the farmers' market, but in the meantime, if there are other places (Susina, maybe?)... thanks, Hounds!

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  1. I'll bet if you have a favorite bakery, or baker, they might make it to order for you - it sounds delicious and like something a bakery might be interested in testing out.

    1. This is SLJ's description: Chocolate Candied Orange
      Chocolate cake brushed with orange liqueur and filled with a mixture of fresh candied orange (rind included) and chocolate buttercream. Frosted with chocolate buttercream and decorated with buttercream roses and a candied orange butterfly.

      Perhaps you can find some place willing to give it a try.

      1. I wonder if Lark Cake Shop could make a custom cake by request? It couldn't hurt to call and ask.

        1. Susina is such a nice place -it seems almost in response to SLJ. -I think they've built part of their customer base on the SLJ traumatized. I would ask them to consider experimenting with the ingredients in the candied orange chocolate cake. If they take it on, I bet they will improve on it.

          1. Gelson's in the Century City mall sells Sweet Lady Jane cakes..perhaps they'll have that one?