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Oct 7, 2007 02:04 PM

best mail order treats

i would like to send a very generous friend of mine who lives in the bay area a food gift by mail. the closest experience i have to mail order food ( and not fruit) is the bad holiday gift baskets vendors sent to my office and they're usually not very good. i was thinking of send her cookies or some sort of baked goods. can any suggest a decent food mail order? i was going to order from mrs. beasley or diamond organics but i've only sent fruits from the latter. what about harry and davids? any input would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!

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  1. The fruit from Harry and David's is beautiful - I'd make sure to do all fruit, and not a basket that includes other things, which I invariable give or throw away.

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      I ordered pears from Harry and David's and they were terrible. I called the company and they sent another order (free). It was a good gesture, however, the pears were still terrible.

        1. re: vtt7

          Generally speaking, it has been my experience that Harry & David fruit shipments are excellent. On a couple of occasions, the fruit has been much less than excellent- and with one phone call, a brand new shipment is on its way. No questions asked. I give them credit for that.

          1. re: vvvindaloo

            That's been my experience, too--the fruit has been divine, both in flavor and appearance. But I agree with MMRuth--their other food products aren't as good. They have a few outlet stores around the northwest, and I've mostly been disappointed with food I've bought there. And I got some of their chocolate truffles as a gift last Christmas that were waxy and pretty much inedible--and it takes a LOT to put me off chocolate!

            1. re: MsMaryMc

              Agreed - takes a lot for me to throw out chocolate!

              1. re: MsMaryMc

                I do not like their non-fresh fruit food products at all.

        2. Also - if chocolate would be welcome, the chocolates from Kee's are incredible:

          One of my favorite places in Manhattan.

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              You can't go wrong with chocolate. Kee's is absolutely fabulous. As are the chocolates from Jacque Torres, also in NY ( . I've ordered them for my wife several times and never been disappointed. I wasn't aware that Kee's did mail order. I will check that out.

              1. re: Philly Ray

                2nd John and Kiras...I just ordered the chocolate bees from them after someone suggested them on another thread.

                They are divine. Beautiful and delicious.

              2. re: MMRuth

                I went to this link (have been there before) and do not see anyway to order Kee's chocolates on-line. Am I missing something? The only way I've been able to get their chocolate is to schlep into the city (a pleasure anyway).

              3. I don't know if it would fit exactly with what you have in mind, but in case it might and/or for the sake of the search engine and posterity, how about a gift box from Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Minneapolis? Their housemade peanut butter is fantastic and their sausage bread which is, remarkably, more like a quick bread than a savory bread, is quite celebrated. It doesn't sound that great when you read the ingredients, but it is. I love their cocoa, too.


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                  looks fun. unfortunately, she's a vegetarian and i think i'm looking for more of a feminine or fancy looking packaging and items. maybe unusual chocolates? she is definitely a foodie.

                2. Manhattan Fruitier delivers most, but not all, of it's gift baskets to the Bay area. Not only are the contents always excellent, their packaging is simply unsurpassed. I used to give these as corporate gifts and heard from many that they the were the lovliest they'd ever received.

                  Ooops. Forgot to add link:


                  1. maybe dean & deluca(very pricey, but delicious stuff) or zingerman's in Michigan look like they have fun stuff

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                    1. re: cmarie

                      The Creamery at Washington State University produces their Cougar Gold Cheddar that I think is the best cheddar produced in the United States, at any rate. I think it is available only through them. See their website for a description, shipping information, etc.

                      1. re: ekammin

                        Mmmmmmmm...I'll second the Cougar Gold rec!

                        Washington State University: WSU Creamery
                        Pullman WA, Pullman, WA

                        1. re: ekammin

                          I haven't heard of this cheese before. May I ask why you think it is the best cheddar in the country? There's lots of competition for that claim!

                          1. re: Outerspace

                            I'll have to do some research and get back to you (mmmmm...tasting every cheddar made in the country...), but I know already that Cougar Gold is damn good!

                            1. re: MsMaryMc

                              Somebody I know brought this cheese to a vacation house we shared, and it was really, really delicious. Really!