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Oct 7, 2007 01:32 PM

Early Breakfast on a Sunday?

We had brunch reservations next weekend at Cookshop, and just found out one of the couples has to leave town by 10. Is there anywhere decent that does breakfast as opposed to brunch?

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  1. There is no competition. Norma's at Le Parker Meridien is the best breakfast in the City and begins service at 7am

    1. The Mercer Kitchen at The Mercer Hotel

      1. Try these:

        Patisserie Claude (croissants, opens at 7am?)
        Cafe Mogador (opens at 9am)
        Caffè Emilia (8am)
        B&H (7am)
        Sarabeth's (3 of their locations open at 8am)
        Grey Dog (opens at 7am)
        'ino (9am, might be a stretch)
        Ditch Plains (opens at 7am)
        Balthazar (serves continental breakfast from 8am to 10am, turns into brunch after 10am)

        1. Penelope, on the corner of Lex & 30th, starts serving Sunday brunch at 8 a.m.