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Seasonal and Funky Vancouver Restaurants [Moved from Canada board]

So i am a cook around the Seattle area, and i work at a few of the new seasonal fine dining restaurants. I am looking for that awesome creative and seasonal restaurant in Vancouver B.C. If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Perhaps you could elaborate on the 'seasonal fine dining restaurant' phenomenon.

    Also-I was under the impression that 'funky' meant odd smells not generally associated with cooking.

    1. Bishops Restaurant on West 4th Ave. John Bishop has been one of the pioneer's in Vancouver and Canada for seasonal eating.

      1. Go to Boneta, in Gastown...awesome chef, great place...

        1. I second Bishop's. Wonderful food and such good service.

          Had dinner at Parkside recently, and they're certainly going for seasonal fine dining, but I found it disappointing and definitely not funky (except maybe in a bad way - there was this weird melted cheese disk on my plate...)

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            Aurora Bistro on Main St.

            Jeff the chef owner was once John Bishops Sous Chef!

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              I second that Aurora suggestion. All local ingredients and wines. Excellent.

          2. I third Bishop's. Guaranteed to leave you with fond memories... John Bishop sources his produce from local farmers he has developed relationships with, and he's such a gentleman, to boot.

            1. I really like both Bishops AND Parkside but as much as I love John Bishop and think he is possibly the best host ever, I actully think Parkside is ...funkier...

              Ireally want to try Aurora and suspect it might satisfy both parameters the best.

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                Well, I agree that Bishop's isn't "funky" at all. But I didn't feel that Parkside was anywhere in the same league as far as food or service. Maybe we just caught them on a bad night, but the atmosphere was rather stuffy and the food just wasn't worth the money.

                What about Cru? I've only eaten there once, so no idea how much the menu changes with the seasons, but I really liked it. Need to check out Aurora, too.

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                  I agree about Parkside--certainly not worth the money. I've eaten at Cru several times and been totally happy with the experience. The wait staff is great and the food is teriffic.

              2. The Pear Tree - 4120 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2J4
                T: 604-299-2772
                The food is smashing! A small neighbourhood treasure. The young couple who own it do a great job with a small menu of delights. Yummy lemon tart for dessert. Heaven . . .

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                  Had a so-so dinner at the Pear Tree, but certainly not worth the trip out of Vancouver, and the service was awful. A bottle of wine we ordered was badly 'off'. We ordered a replacement, and they charged us for both! Also, the server had a bad attitude. Better off staying in town for the best food and service. Bishop's, Lumiere, Pastis, Chambar, Il Giardino are all better...