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Oct 7, 2007 12:04 PM

Any Belgian or Country French Restaurants in Northern NJ or area?

My wife is from Belgium and we've been looking for a good Belgian/Country French restaurant... Most of the French restaurants we've found have been great, but a little more "foo foo" than country.

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  1. Chef's Table - Franklin, NJ

    Le Rendez-Vous - Kenilworth, NJ

    Madame Claude Cafe - Jersey City, NJ

    in new york:

    waterzooi belgian bistro - Garden City, NY

    cafe de bruxelles - greenwich st, new york

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    1. re: aacharya

      There is a Chef's Table resto in Franklin Lakes. Is that the one you mean? I haven't been but would love some feedback.

      1. re: berna

        we had an excellent meal there - small and not froo froo at all. but the below madeleine's, while excellent food, is a bit froo froo.

    2. There's a place in Northvale NJ, called Madeleine's Petite Paris. I've never been there so I can't comment on the food. Here's a link to it,
      I've read mostly good comments on it.

      1. Pourquoi Pas? in Westwood. The chef/owner changes the menu occasionally, focusing on different regions of France. BYOB.

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        1. re: tommy

          I second Pourquois Pas?

          Skip Madeleines it is tired and past its prime.

          1. re: tommy

            Agree. Had an excellent dinner at Pourquoi Pas? including a very good cassoulet, and the atmosphere and food preparation are definitely not "foo foo". The BYO policy keeps the everning reasonable, too.

          2. Take a look at Silver Spring Farm in Flanders, NJ:


            1. Resto, a French restaurant, just opened in Madison, NJ. There was no Tomato Consomme last night, but the Truffle-Shitake Mushroom Cream Soup was richly rewarding. The accompanying bread was warm, yeasty, with a good crust. Jersey Fluke tasted clean and freshly caught; the baby beet and beet greens risotto was a lightly sweet counterpoint to the flaky, salty fish. Just the sight of the presentation was enough to invite me to dive in! Fresh blackberry sorbet tasted fresh-off-the-blackberry-canes (although I would have preferred having the grainy bits of pips sieved out). Service was terrific. Menus change seasonally. BYOB.

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                Resto in Madison, not a Belgian restaurant by any stretch, is still a work in progress, with many things (the service, desserts) amateurish. But I've never had better swordfish anywhere (I mean it!) and the shrimp was also well handled. The pork tenderloin was tender and moist, and the foie gras was a knockout.