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Oct 7, 2007 11:52 AM

Tortilla Soup restaurant...

Someone told me about a really great Mexican restaurant called Tortilla Soup...It is located in Dallas in a shopping center at Campbell and Preston...He said that it was better than Luna Da Noche and much cheaper as well...Anyone been? Any good?

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  1. Been there a few times. Solid food, generous portions, excellent value, very friendly service. Looks like mom & pop operation. Was quiet the few times we've been, hope heir business picks up.

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      I agree the food is good. The menu/food/prices are very, very similar to Mi Cocina. I was told the owner is a former employee. It is pretty much a Mi Cocina clone without the Mi Cocina atmosphere. It is a typical suburban shopping center space. Personally, I thought the prices were too high for what it is. I think that they either need to do something unique or be a better value than Mi Cocina to draw customers.

    2. Never been to that restaurant, but if it's tortilla soup you're after, you might try "Michael's" in FW.

      I think it's called "Michael's Ancho Chile Bar" and it's a very nice restaurant with an attached bar just off of 7th Street. Once you get past the enormous ego of the owner, you will find what I think is the most unique Tortilla Soup in the southwest. I usually try the soup at any new restaurant I go to, but this one is worth trying. The bowl is served with the chicken, tortillas, chiles, etc in a dry dish, but then the broth is poured over the top. It is a deep, spicy brownish-red and is wonderful. Virtually everyone who has eaten or drank at this meat market agrees that they had to try the soup at least once.

      Worth a try, I think. Good luck.