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Oct 7, 2007 11:25 AM

Bainbridge Is. recs

Baltimore hound will be staying on Baingridge island in about two weeks. Sun through Weds. any good recs. some of the places I checked are closed mon/tues. Maybe one splurge dinner and a few cheaper eats. Any places with some good oysters. I'll be in Seattle before and after but have searched the board and think I have more that enough places on the list.


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  1. For Sunday, try the Harbour Pub. It's only pub fare, but decent. I'm sure they have oysters, but not positive. I usually go there for the fish & chips, which are terrific. I think Cafe Nola is open on Monday night - some good choices there. But the best place on the island is Four Swallows, which is closed Sunday and Monday, making it your Tuesday choice. Madoka has been highly rated but is slipping. Avoid Winslow Way Cafe. Shima has good Japanese food.

    You didn't ask about breakfast, but the Streamliner Diner is the local favorite. Don't know where you're staying, but all of these restaurants are within walking distance of downtown. There's a great Thai place on the island (Sawadty), but is about ten minutes by car from downtown.

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      thanks for the tips... I was starting to worry no one would chime in. Harbour Pub looks great for the casual and Four Swallows was also a standout when I searched on google maps. I'm glad you mentioned Cafe Nola... it got very mixed reviews on google maps but they're website and menu look good. We're staying on the south end and there is a thai place called Sawan Kitchen. Have you heard or been to this? It's walkind distance from our cottage.

      thanks.. I'll post about meals when I return home.

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        Sawan is owned by relatives of the owners of Sawadty, the other Thai place I mentioned. It's good too, though some locals seem to think there's a difference between the two, with some preferences leaning to Sawadty. We live on the south end and are regulars at Sawan. Also on the south end is the Treehouse Cafe, which has some decent pizza - you could even get one to go and take it back to the cottage. They also have coffee and lattes in the morning. You can stock up on other groceries, including beer and wine, at Walt's Market, which is in the same complex as Sawan. Adjacent to Sawan is the Salmon Canyon Cafe, which serves acceptable diner-style breakfasts and lunches. Finally, don't miss the Historic Lynwood Theatre, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year. They feature independent films and use real butter on their popcorn!

        Please feel free to ask about anything else to do with Bainbridge, including the art gallery scene, which I'm pretty plugged into.