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Oct 7, 2007 10:29 AM

Uygur food in NYC?

Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves Uygur food? It's the food of an ethnic minority in China. Uygur is spelled a bunch of different ways. Thanks!

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  1. Do a search of the outer boroughs boards for this one. You might also try spelling it "uigher" or "uighur". I have no idea which is correct (I guess none of them, since it's an Anglicization of a Chinese word), but I've seen a number of different spellings. It's also called "Xinxiang", right?

    I think Cafe Kashkar down in Brighton Beach serves food of this type. I've been meaning to try it, but I haven't gotten there yet.

    1. The two places I know of are Kashkar in Brooklyn and Arzu in Queens. I haven't been to Arzu. I didn't like Kashkar.

      1. Thanks--that's very helpful.

        1. Cafe Kashkar is an excellent change of pace from the many Russian places along Brighton that all seem to serve similar food to each other. Don't know if you've had Uighur cuisine before, or if maybe you've lived in Western China, but it has elements of Chinese and Caucasian cooking that have been blended over ages in a way that modern attempts at fusion cuisine almost never do so well. The soups at Kashkar reveal hot peppers and thick, long noodles in an Eastern style, but many of the entrees are more similar to Turkish fare. Enjoy this rare treat in New York because it would be hard to find anywhere else on this continent.

          1. I haven't been to Arzu, but I did like Kashkar -- particularly the lamb rib kebabs (below; full photoset at ). The lamb-filled dough pies called samsa were also excellent. On the day of my visit, they were offered in two cholesterol levels (get the fatty version, if not sold out). The staff are very friendly and accommodating, too.