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Oct 7, 2007 10:09 AM

Lower East Side Recs

Dinner recs for lower east side please. Price is not important but great ambience and fantastic food for a mixed group of 4 friends, local and visitors who are pretty much willin to try most things...
thank you.

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  1. Apizz, The Orchard, Tides, Azul

    1. Hearth, Prune and Peasant - all good ambiance with fantastic food.

      1. I love Kampuchea Noodle Bar, on Allen at Rivington. Cambodian; excellent sandwiches, small plates, noodle soups, lots of dished featuring berkshire pork. Price is right & the atmosphere is cool as well. A current favorite of mine.

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          I like Kampuchea a lot, but the ambience is a little too casual for dinner. Better the Orchard, SavorNY, 1492 or Stanton Social. I've wanted to check out Rayuela for some time and may do that this weekend. Looks like a great spot.

        2. Little Giant has great, interesting food and good drinks. Very small but a good place for a group of 4 friends and it looks onto a beautiful LES intersection of Orchard and Broome. Also like Alias over on Clinton.

          Hearth and Prune mentioned above are great but are located in the East Village.

          1. I second The Orchard, Apizz, Alias, and Little Giant, and would also like to add Falai, a personal favorite. Perhaps I'd add Suba, 'inoteca, or Salt Bar if those first five are too crowded/not to your liking. Also, there's always WD-50 for people who are willing to try anything.

            Hearth, Prune, and Peasant are all lovely restaurants, but they're not on the Lower East Side, and only Prune is even adjacent to the Lower East Side.