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Oct 7, 2007 08:50 AM

Nashville/Memphis/Little Rock Help

Visiting for the first time in a few weeks and need suggestions for Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners. Is it at all possible to find Chowish/Healthy food (meaning really delicious but not fried) in this part of the country? I know it's got to be out there, but I need your help. Thanks in advance.

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  1. In Memphis, there's a breakfast place called Brother Juniper's near the University on Highland. It was featured on Rachel Ray's show, and it is every bit as good as advertised. It's kind of a California-Southern fusion breakfast place run by hippies. Downtown, the Daily Grill (offshoot of Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills) inside the Westin has an excellent California-style breakfast, though it is fairly expensive. For lunch, bite the bullet and eat some barbeque. There have been many posts on here about the best barbeque places in Memphis. Just do a search. Many places have a barbeque turkey sandwich if you really want a healthy altenative to pork. Neely's turkey sandwich is excellent. Order with slaw and hot (as in spicey). If you are willing to spend some money, there are great dinner places in Memphis with healthier food. In Midtown, Tsunami and the Beauty Shop are funky places with great healthy food. Both are open for lunch on most days. Downtown there is Encore, Automatic Slim's, and Felicia Suzannes. If your budget is a little tight, then Sauces is a very good inexpensive fish place.

    1. There are some terrific places in Nashville for all meals. For breakfast, search the boards for Monell's, Pancake Pantry, Fido, Portland Brew, Loveless Cafe (but it's a fried-everything kind of place), Arnold's. You don't say what your lunch budget is or where you're staying or what you like, but you might search the boards for Sitar, Shalimar, Nola, Chappy's, Woodlands Indian restaurant, Cafe Nonna, Rosario's, Panera, Atlanta Bread Company, Provence Breads and Cafe, PM (a Thai fusion place), Tenno Sushi, Samurai sushi.
      If you can supply a little more detail, a dinner recommendation would be easier.

      1. In the Nashville area a healthy, always delicious lunch place is Couva Calypso Cafe. Try the Black Bean Salad!

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          Another similarly healthy and super flavorful place in Nashville is "Kalamata's" for great Greek food. The owner is one friendly step away from Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, but he won't steer you wrong. The food is fabulous and a great bang for your buck if you can get the special before it runs out. They are open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat and you can bring your own wine if you want.

          If you have specific prefs for Nashville please let us know and we can give you more suggestions. We don't all eat fried chicken and biscuits at every meal, I promise!!

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            I recently did the Nashville/Memphis/Little Rock trip as well....

            My favorites were:

            Nashville - Radius 10
            N. Little Rock - Ristorante Capeo

            Both chowhound recommendations (to me) and both were superb.

            We also had a casual lunch at Best Impressions inside the Arkansas Art Center and we were pleasantly surprised by that.

            1. re: HickTownBarnaby

              Yes, the cafe inside the Arkansas Art Center is a delightful place for lunch--soups, salads, desserts were all excellent when we were there.
              In LR we also liked Loca Luna's pastas and artichoke dip.

              1. re: zorra

                Thanks for the recs. I've always had great luck with the help of the Hounds. I will report back after our trip!

        2. A good place for breakfast in Memphis is the Blue Plate Cafe on Poplar between White Station and I-240. You can get omelettes and healthy options. Of course, you can get great pancakes and biscuits and gravy if you are into that too. The tennis pros who come here for the ATP Tour stop eat there every day. In the downtown area, I like Texas de Brazil, a great churrascaria with a salad bar. Prices are much better at lunch there.

          1. Yes, we Southerners DO eat things that aren't deep fried; it's not quite the needle-in-a-haystack you seem to think.

            I live in Nashville, have visited LR several times. To me the standout in LR is Brave New Restaurant. It is hard to find -- be sure and call to get exact directions. It is located in a nondesecript office park, but the restaurant interior is sleek and has a great view of the river. Trio is also good, and there's another restaurant I liked but can't remember the name of! Oh well. I agree that the art museum restaurant is very nice for lunch.

            For Nashville, the choices are many and varied. Looking at some of the other recommendations, I would skip Atlanta Bread Company (chain), Panera (chain), Chappy's (eh). One of my favorites for lunch and dinner is Yellow Porch. Hillsboro Village has several good options for breakfast (Fido, Pancake Pantry, Provence), Lunch (the above, plus Jackson's, Boscos, and Savarino's Cucina). Other Village spots that get mentioned frequently are Sunset Grille, Cabana, and The Trace. They are OK but I don't understand their popularity. Cabana is really cool and can be a fun place for drinks, though.

            Any of the restaurants in "The Gulch" can be good choices -- Radius 10, Sambucca, Watermark. Sambucca and Radius 10 (I think) do lunch. Ditto Germantown Cafe, one of my current favorites, with a great view. My very very favorite right now is Eastland Cafe. East Nashville also has Margot Cafe, frequently rated the best restaurant in the city, as well as its sister for breakfast and lunch, Marche. In West Nashville I like Park Cafe and Caffe Nonna.

            If you actually want to sample more traditional Southern fare, there are many good choices for that as well, but ... sounded like you weren't interested in that.

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              Great Nashville info, I agree with all and would add Flyte to the list as a fantastic dinner option. Lots of great organic entrees, or just have an appetizer and some wine at the bar. If the pecan pie salad is on the menu, it's a must-do. As crazy as it sounds, blue cheese ice cream on a salad is wonderful.

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                I agree 100% on the Brave New Restaurant and Watermark reccomendations. FABULOUS!!!

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                  And don't forget Zola for remarkable food.

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                    I was just in Nashville last weekend and had time for one dinner and one brunch. Both meals were in the Hillsboro Village area. Dinner was at Bosco's and brunch was at Jackson's, which was serving both breakfast and lunch on Sunday at noon. The meals were both good enough for return visits (although, after reading some of the above posts, it sounds like there are lots of fun spots I haven't tried yet!) The Hillsboro Village area looked really neat, with lots of shops to walk to. I wished I had more time to explore.

                    1. re: BetsyinKY

                      Could I ask where in Hillsboro Village you stayed and how close it is to the airport? Thanks again for all your recs. Oh, I do love Q and definitely plan on trying some.

                      1. re: pilches

                        Hillsboro Village is southwest of the heart of downtown, on the edge of Vanderbilt University. It is 10 or 11 miles from the airport. There aren't really any hotels "in" the Village -- strictly speaking it's only 2 blocks long. The nearest hotels would be up on West End, a mile or so north, then a mile or so in either direction east/west.