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Oct 7, 2007 08:39 AM

Disappointed at Dick & Jenny's

Everyone has raved about the food at D&J's on this board lately. I used to be a fan when Richard and Jenny were running the place. So we decided to go back because it had been a while. My gf had the pork tenderloin stuffed with goat cheese and pine nuts that was accompanied by a few sautéed veg which might have come out of a freezer bag – blah. The so called sweet potato cake had no taste and was a blob of mush. The pork was ok but very lack luster for $20 crammed onto a small, old, dirty white plate. I had the duck with chorizo, pumpkin risotto and stewed greens. The duck breast was average and the sausage which was supposed to be chorizo tasted like the spicy Italian sausage from Whole Foods. When I asked about the sausage the waiter said “its duck sausage”. Why would anyone season a homemade duck sausage so much that you cannot tell what it is? The stewed greens were the chopped frozen type that had been reheated with no seasoning. Lastly, the pumpkin risotto was over-cooked with grated cheddar cheese melted on top. The sauces on the meats had good flavor. The meal lacked quality fresh ingredients, good cooking techniques and seasoning.

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  1. Richard and Jenny are no longer involved?

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      They sold it to someone just before of right after the storm.

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        It was after. The new owners, also a couple, recently had a baby and live across the lake so maybe the oversight is a little lax? Having said that, I've always found Chef James Leeming's dishes to be creative and tasty. I'm sorry that you had a poor experience. I feel certain that it was an unfortunate off day.

    2. Dick and Jenny's is a good date place with a nice atmosphere, but the food has never been stellar by New Orleans standards.

      1. My wife and I had a similar experience, shortly after the sale - right down to the sauteed veggies from a freezer bag (crinkle cuts and all). We had been regulars up to that point, but that meal kept us away for over a year. We finally went back, and had a much better experience; they just seem to have inconsistent nights.

        1. I generally like Dick and Jenny's, though I agree that their food is just not on the same plane as some of New Orleans' better restaurants (in fairness, neither are their prices). But really I want to defend their plates. I find it really adorable that they use regular plates someone could have in their home instead of presentation flatware -- to me it adds this quaint charm of feeling like you're sitting in Dick and Jenny's home.

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            My wife and I just ate here last week with a friend. I don't know about the quality back when these other comments were posted, but as of April 08, the food was excellent. Duck, scallops, etouffee, all quite good. The service was friendly and fast, too. We got to meet Will, the owner, who was incredibly generous and friendly as well. We've been getting around to both the classic and new places in NOLA--Emerils, Brigtsen's, Gulfstream, etc--and Dick and Jenny's was right in the mix. We saw none of the problems I've read about in these other comments. It's been a while since the last one, so there has been time for improvements. Good food.

          2. Hi,
            A friend and I just ate at Dick & Jenny's last Thursday. I found the food and the service excellent. I would also like to note, I have been to D & J many times before it was sold. Maybe you just hit them on a bad night.