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Oct 7, 2007 07:55 AM

REALLY ready to buy stove now

And yearning for real advice. I cook a lot, want gas or gas above and electric below, have only 30" and want nothing particularly subtle or complicated, just moving up from my ancient Hotpoint. Something in the 1500 dollar range. Solid, reliable - all that. I looked at Garlands, Thermador, Jenn-Air, Wolf, Viking. I began the quest in June and haven't gotten very far. Thank you thank you.

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  1. bought a 30" WOLF this summer and I love it. i would buy it again in a heartbeat, i know it exceeds your budget but it will last forever. my last stove was an Amana. very inexpensive and it worked very well. check consumer reports. they do a great job of rating the non-commercial stoves.

    1. I have a wolf too. I've had it for 6 years and it's great. If I were to buy one now, which I'm not, I'd also compare with the Blue Star and the DCS. DCS has a burner that has a super low simmer that doesn't cycle on and off like most brands. I think it's even lower than my wolf. They are all very expensive ranges, but they will definitely last a lifetime. The less expensive ranges also don't have as high BTU's.

      1. We bought a Capital Professional stove this summer - and absolutely love it - since it is a newish venture, the price is also in your range - as good as Wolf and much cheaper. Gas 4 burner with infra -red grill, rotisserie in oven, convection, and self-cleaning, which no other pro stove is. Customer service is also good - we've called the company for info a few times before buying it. Happy to talk to you about it if you wish - look online and on gardenweb's kitchen forum for more on this if interested.

        1. Don't think you can get a Wolf, Garland or Viking for under $5,000; You should be able to get a Jenn-Air; I just bought a Frigidaire, Slide-In Gas Range with a Convection Oven, Stainless Steel, for about $1100; I suggest that you look at Consumer Reports for your price range. Also, you may want to check out Kenmore at Sears.

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            Corkela, I too am facing the great stove dilemma. I have looked at Consumer Reports and I'm just not feeling that $550 Hotpoint that tops the list. I've considered Viking and Wolf, insanely expensive here in Bermuda and who knows what all the salt air would do to them.

            I have a Maytag now. The oven ingnition has had to be replaced three times in three years and the stovetop ignition vanished yesterday. And I don't know what has happened to the burners but my pan bottoms get covered in a nasty black layer of oily soot.

            So I won't be getting another Maytag.

            Does anyone have any opinions on LG gas ranges? I have read criticisms here on CH of the company and how it treats its customers, but how about the quality of the ranges? I looked at one the other day and the pen is poised over the chequebook, but I'm dithering.

          2. Whatever you do, avoid Viking at all costs. I am a former food professional who bought one about three years ago for a summer cottage and the ignitor immediately failed--at my expense. When I got around to using the oven, it was ballistic in every way. The retailer told me he heard there was a bad batch of Vikings made but nobody has bothered to come to my rescue if I have one of it. Additionally although I reported the oven not working in any way and a local repairman came after three weeks to look, he told me the thermostat and wiring were all no good--nothing I did because I didn't use the oven--it is now two months later and I have yet to get a call from Viking or the retail store that sold it to me: Agrens Appliances in Maine, which advertises its service. I have reported both Agrens and Viking to the state attorney general there who believes this constitutes fraud. Sorry to say all this but truth does rise.

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     oven igniter failed after only a year!