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Oct 7, 2007 07:17 AM

Trying to Remember the Name of a North End Restaurant

Last time we were in Boston we went to a restaurant on the North End that was fabulous. It took no reservations---you waited in line outside. It was fairly small and reasonable. It was recommended by a number of people whom we asked about restaurants in that area. I think there was a Rachel Ray article in the window recommending it.

Any ideas?

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    1. I'd guess Daily Catch, Giacomo's or Pomodoro. I may go for a walk later and can look for the RR article.

      1. Giacomo's is the one I remember on Rachel Ray's $40 a day. I remember her standing outside to wait in the episode, and having a vegetarian pasta dish.

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        1. re: makonna

          Giacomo's-- that was it. Thanks.

          By the way, are there any others that anyone would recommend that you think are better (especially if there is one that takes reservations)?

          1. re: suebro

            GIacomo's also has a restaurant in the South End and that one does take reservations.

          2. re: makonna

            we have a winner...:) RR story is still in the window.