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Oct 7, 2007 07:05 AM

Stamford- Margot's Open for Dinner

I'm eager to know who has tried Margot Cafe and Wine Bar for dinner.
Ever since I discovered Margot's, I've been mildly irritated that they close at 6, just after I finish my cheese plate and am ready for some more good food. They've been talking about opening for dinner since September... I've called every week to check... and it's finally happened!
I stopped in for a late lunch at 3:30 yesterday, only to be turned away and told lunch was over and dinner started at 5:30. (Hmph! No one told me :) I grabbed a menu. Salads, pastas and appetizers are VERY reasonably priced. Unfortunately, all entrees are over 20$ except the rice and beans, but oh well. That cheese plate is still a great, delicious deal. And, I know I'm crazy, but I cried out gleefully when I saw they have roasted brussels sprouts as a side!!!

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  1. Tried it for an early mother-teen daughter dinner tonite (so I can't comment on the wine list), after having enjoyed their lunch menu very much. We weren't thrilled. They don't serve their wonderful bread (so good in their sandwiches) at dinner (it was explained that they don't have the capacity to bake enough); instead there was a dish of homemade potato chips on the table. They were good, but somehow not dinner-ish. We shared an appetizer of fried calamari with a Thai-style lime dipping sauce, and it was nicely fried and tender; the sauce was an interesting change from the usual marinara, but all in all, I think a tomato-based sauce is a better complement for fried calamari. I had the short ribs, served over garlic mashed potatoes. The ribs were tender and juicy, but lacked a depth of flavor in the sauce--which there was hardly any of, anyway. They seemed to have been prepared with minimal seasoning, and I had to add salt, which I rarely do at restaurants. I've had much better short ribs elsewhere. The mashed potatoes were fine--not sure I tasted any garlic. I should have ordered a side of vegetables (those Brussels sprouts!), since I had neglected to notice that the dish did not come with any. My daughter had a pasta dish prepared with kale and pancetta. Again, no depth of flavor--apart from the taste of the individual pieces of kale and pancetta, there was not much there, and no discernible sauce. We didn't have dessert, though I can say from other experience that Margot's baked goods are delicious. Service was problematic. Everyone was very friendly and warm, but we waited about 20 minutes between the appetizer being cleared and the entrees arriving, and another 15 minutes after the main courses were cleared before we could catch our waitress' eye to ask for a check. The place is very tiny and there were two waitresses, so this didn't seem reasonable. Lastly, and most nit-pickingly, I guess, the huge glass storefront windows lack any window treatments (the whole place is a study in minimalism, decor-wise), which is okay during the day, but at night, the view of the fluorescent-lit shopping center parking lot undermines any attempt at a fine dining atmosphere, and the headlights of cars entering and leaving glare in your eyes if you happen to be facing in that direction. So, bottom line, we'll stick to Margot's lunches and baked treats for the time being.

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      haven't tried it.....haven't heard great things about it.