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Oct 7, 2007 06:40 AM

Undici~Rumson last night.

Well, I could'nt wait to read someone else's review, so my husband and I went for dinner last night. First off, the place is BEAUTIFUL!! They really did a great job. The bar looks like granite, but it is marble and looks so nice. You do feel as if you are in someone's home rather than a restaurant, and we really liked that. They even tiled the ceilings in the ladies' room!! Also, when you walk in form the back, there is a seating area by a huge fireplace. Nice.

Now the food. The menu is very much the same as Basil T's in Red Bank (same owner as many of you know already.) We started with a meat plate. Salami, Mortadella, Procuitto, and two little pieces of cheese :( It had olives on the platter, but they were the huge green ones, and they had no real good taste to my husband or I. Also, roasted almonds. Could do without that, as it just look to "fill" the plate. Only 2 small pieces of cheese. One was a very good buffalo mozzarella and the other was parm. cheese. I don't know why is was so small, but oh well. That plate was pricey I thought. $ 19.00 for the small one we ordered and $ 28.00 if you order a large.

The bread they give you was 1/2 and 1/2. I did'nt hate it, but I was not crazy about it. It was served with oil and a side of riccotta cheese? The cheese was good, but I never had it served like that before.

Our dinners. Also, I think mu husband's was over priced. He had a 16 oz. steak served with a spaghetti in a tomato sauce, and some veggies. His was $ 46.00. We brought half home, but it was very good. I wish I ordered a pasta dish. They had a nice pasta dish in a bolognese which sounded great, since all the pastas are homemade there. I ordered Shrimp Spedini. I think it was $ 24 or $ 26. It was huge jumbo shrimp grilled on a skewer. (I make this all the time at home, why I ordered it out...I don't know.) The shrimp were vey good, U10's they were and they had a great flavor to them. Not dry, very meaty and juicy. Mine also had a side of spaghetti in a tomato sauce. That was very good. The sauce was so fresh and the pasta just melted in your mouth!

We ordered wines by the glass. They were $ 10 a glass, and they were great wines! We chose a cabernet from Sicily...very good. No room for dessert, so we were done. The place was packed! I definately would go back. The wait staff is still new to everything, so I would be patient with them. We both had a very nice dinner, and like I said, I will go back!

They said there menu changes daily, so there is no place to really look at the menu, but I would suggest giving it a try.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I will go in the next couple of weeks.

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        1. Glad you enjoyed it :)

          But, those prices .... out of my budget :(

          1. We live in the area and are partial to Anjelica's in Sea Bright, and for a little downscale, Trattoria G's, also in SB. But we figured we would try Undici last night. They don't take reservations, so we were told to come b4 6PM. We had to wait 40 min anyway. The pasta e fagioli I had was very good and promising a good meal to come. My wife also had the shrimp; the pasta side was the size of a tablespoon and was very salty. We complained to the waiter and he came back to tell us that we can have more for 4.95 extra. We declined, and then he returned and said no problem, they will bring extra. Still salty. I had the Margherita pizza (a personal pie for $17.00??) and it was like cardboard and had no taste. The capuccino was very good. For our money, Anjelica's is the way to go. For margherita pizza, I'll stick w/ either Sea Bright Pizza, or Trattoria G's.

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              Naples in Belford has really really good Marherita pizza. Too good in fact!