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Oct 7, 2007 05:31 AM

apple picking recommendations outside of Toronto?

I would like to go apple picking and would appreciate your suggestions for an orchard that has a good variety ad is not overly commercial...... Last year we picked apples at Avalon orchards ad did not like the apples. We are coming from Toronto.


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  1. What didn't you like about the apples at Avalon Orchards? I was thinking of going there because they are an organic grower and featured some not-so-common apple varieties.

    Avalon Orchards
    5th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S, CA

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    1. re: gnuf

      we try and buy organic and so we were very enthusiastic about going to Avalon Orchards. Of course it is a matter of taste, but the apples were not flavourful. Some friends were there this year and agreed that the apples were poor. Very disappointing.

      1. re: snoobie

        I've just been buying some apples in Waupoos here in Prince Edward County. My regular vendor says it was so hot this summer that some varieties never got a chance to "set up". I usually get Honey Crisp and Macs at Thanksgiving, but she steered me to some Jonagolds,which are excellent right now.

    2. By coincidence, I went to Avalon today. The picking was limited--our party included a 3-year old, so we didn't venture too far back into the orchard, and it was a bit damp. We picked some spys and a couple of eating varieties (Freedom and Liberty--is this a theme?). All of them were quite small, but also full of excellent flavour. Prime apple season is past, I think, because of our long, hot summer, but the apples at Avalon were definitely flavourful.

      1. Depends which way you want to go. East or west. I have heard good things about Chudliegh's ( fun for the kids, not too far, nice selection) but have never been. I myself have been going to Watson farms in Bowmanville for more then a decade now. I like it there, always have my favorite.... mutsu's.

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        1. re: sweetie

          Chudleigh's does have a lot for kids (petting zoo, hay maze, playground) and the description we came up with was it is the Canada's Wonderland of apples. On the Sunday we went, there were fields and fields of cars parked out front and a $6 admission charge. Apples were 95cents a pound. There is a rebate of $3 if you spend $20 or more on product. While the quality of produce was great, I didn't feel the admission was justified. I'd be much happier to go a smaller orchard, minus the amusement aspect....

          1. re: Julie McCoy

            Great description, Julie. Imagine, paying admission to pick or buy, when there are so many smaller, more personal orchards around.

            1. re: Julie McCoy

              Chudleigh's has certainly turned me off with their admission was an annual family/friends event around Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). I think it has gotten WAY too commercial and we simply choose to go elsewhere. There are plenty of pick-your-own farms to visit and most of them within the same driving distance.

          2. I love the honeycrisps from Applewood Farm in Stouffville. We did not pick our own but bought ones already picked. They were very sweet. They have other varieties too.

            1. William's Orchard in Halton Hills. Family run, no frills orchard with numerous varieties. Apples are always excellent and the family that runs it are very nice. Trees are small enough that it's easy for kids to reach the apples.

              William’s Orchard
              10101 Hume Court, Halton Hills

              For a nice afternoon combine William's Orchard with Andrews Scenic Acres where you can pick a pumpkin and go on a tractor ride.

              Andrews Scenic Acres
              9365 No. 10 Sideroad, Halton Hills

              William’s Orchard
              10101 Hume Ct, Halton Hills, ON L0P, CA