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Oct 7, 2007 04:35 AM

What's up with my Kitchenaid dishwasher's Superlong Washtime??

I just got a kitchenaid dishwasher...not sure of the model, but here's my question: yesterday, I put dishes in the washer on "normal" cycle; 2 1/2 hours later, they were still in "wash" fact, after 3 hours it was still in the "wash" mode, and i pressed cancel, as I was leaving for the night and feared it would cycle in the wash mode for the next 24 hours. Is this normal? How long do your Kitchenaid dishwashers take to go through a cycle?

BTW: I tried "light/china" mode as well, and it was a 2 hour+ cycle.

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  1. I don't have a Kitchenaid, but I feel your pain.

    My Fridgedaire droans on for equally as long... and I always set it for the "light" wash.

    When I do dishes, I have to make sure I have no laundry or showering to do. It's a big pain in the ***.

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    1. re: katiepie

      We have a new top of the line Fridgedaire and it seems like the regular wash cycle is around 75 minutes. Does a great job of cleaning and is very quiet.

    2. I have a Bosch and the "Regular" cycle is just over 2 hours. We don't put in pots and pans and rinse our dishes so I tried "Quick" wash which is about a half hour and it didn't clean completely, so I use "Econo" which runs 90 min and that worked for me.

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      1. re: Eric in NJ

        Is the length of the wash cycle something you can find out before you buy? (will the salesperson know, can you look on the company's website?)

        Now I'm really hoping my old Whirlpool never dies (knocking on wooden head) - filthy dishes go right in, no rinsing, and exactly one hour later they are done sparkling clean.

        I thought appliances were supposed to be getting more energy efficient - 3 hour cycles doesn't sound like it to me!

        1. re: Eric in NJ

          I also have a Bosch and it seems to run forever. Drives me nuts!

        2. This seems too long. Even my Bosch's longest cycle is about 140 minutes. Before you place a service call (I would), try checking your hot water temperature. Sometimes the dishwasher cycle time is determined once the temperature is read on higher end models, and cooler water will result in a longer cycle. If your water temperature is lower than 120 or 130 degrees (and it may be to prevent scalding children or to save energy), this may be the reason. Your owner's manual may mention it.

          What makes me think something is wrong, however, is that the light china is so long. That should never be more than an hour. Your controller board may be in need of replacement.

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          1. re: RGC1982

            Thanks for all the replies...I'll check my water temp. first, but I'm thinking I need to call kitchenaid as superslow won't cut it for the workload I'll be placing on it.

            1. re: sixelagogo

              Just want to add, that I complained about the same thing to my kitchenaid repair person and was told that my hot water needed to be set to 140 degrees. That is to hot for me-- so I run the hot water before starting the washer and then the washer only has to heat the water a shorter time. This has worked for me. Good Luck!

          2. I just got a new high-zoot Kenmore that ran for three hours the first time, and then broke down. Repair guy said the plug wasn't grounded, the electrician said yes it was too, the repair guy put in the new part and we've run two cycles through without it breaking down, to make a short story long.

            My point was that we had NO dishwasher for three damn weeks, and now I'm somewhat less likely to complain about the length of the cycle as long as it works. I sure hope the cycle's shorter, though.

            1. Weird. I have a Bosch, and since it's not one of the hidden control models, it has the countdown timer right on the front. Even if I put it on whatever the heavy duty setting is (can't remember what they call it), it has never shown past 120 that I can remember. It selects this time via some kind of sensor that's supposed to judge how dirty everything is, so maybe our stuff just isn't that dirty most of the time. Normal wash has run anywhere from 90-odd to about 110. So I guess it's possible the heavy duty could push over 2 hours, but I've never seen it. The regular doesn't seem like it could possibly run that long when it routinely only runs 95 minutes and such.

              If this doesn't match other Bosch times, then it must be that they have changed them along the way or that the different models really do run different times.