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Oct 7, 2007 03:43 AM

Anyone been to Nirvana Cafe Yet?

While walking to the east village yesterday, I ran into a new Sri Lankan place (!) It's called Nirvana Cafe...and they have Faluda! I haven't been yet, and there seems to be no mention of it yet on the boards. Has anyone given it a go? (Another plus, they even mention the dishes that are vegan on their menu) Thanks in advance for any info...!

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  1. Went to Nirvana Cafe today. Interesting... :) Sigiri's now got competition. They've got all the standards like hoppers, and kottu roti, etc (things that you'd otherwise have to go to Staten Island for.) They've also got faluda, which I've seen nowhere else. The place is only about 2 months old, really nice decor and a VERY gracious staff. I'm impressed. They also have an $8.95 lunch buffet option, though I didn't try that out. But the Faluda, Moju and veggie side I had were all good. I'd go back again.

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      Faluda does not a Srilankan make. having said that, the Appam/Chicken was very good - The do not have a liquor license. I suspect the owner has some ties to South-East Asia as I spotted a Nasi Goreng - found mostly in Malay and Indonesean places....

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        That's true, I saw the Nasi Goreng on the menu also, since it seemed out of place. But it was great just to see someplace that had hoppers to kottu roti on the menu... And the staff was extremely accommodating when I visited for a small order....