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Oct 7, 2007 03:36 AM

Need great Breakfast place PARK SLOPE

As close to 7th Ave and 15th Street as possible.

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  1. Dizzy's.....9th street and 8th ave..hands down the best, imo.....get there before 11am or the wait can be long

    1. I haven't seen it mentioned often here, but I live right there, windsor & 7th, and I absolutely LOVE terrace bagels on windsor and PPW. It can be a bit impersonal, at times, but I dont really dig the faux scene you usually get in park slope anyway. The food is great, and the prices are very, very reasonable.

      1. There's a diner on the corner of 7th and 12th. It used to be called Katina's, now it seems to be called "Purity" (no idea if it's connected to the Purity Diner further down 7th). Otherwise, there's Naidre's, which has wonderful food but very limited seating, and Windsor Cafe on Prospect Park West, which is a bit overpriced for what it is. Terrace Bagels is okay, I prefer Bagel Hole, and I didn't really enjoy my experience at Dizzy's. It was sort of like dining in a day care center. Food was okay, not great.

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          yes-i tried dizzy's-not great at all!!! how can u ruin breakfast food!!!

        2. I used to live a block away from 7th Ave. & 15th St., and am still around there a lot. There isn't really a great breakfast place around there, which is why so many people end up going to Katina's (or is it "formerly Katina's"?). I used to go down to Jack's on 5th Ave., which was kind of a strange desolate place, but had better food than Katina's. However, I think they're gone now. Steinhof does brunch on weekends, which is as blah but OK as their other food and a bit overpriced like all "brunches", but the atmosphere is nice and you can get a drink. The otherwise unimpressive Little D has somewhat better brunches that are somewhat more overpriced. Bagel Hole on 7th Ave. has much better old NYC-style bagels than the big puffy bread rings served at Terrace Bagels over in Windsor Terrace, but Terrace has a cafe to sit and eat in unlike the aptly-named Hole and has much better spreads, etc. Dizzy's was indeed like a day-care center the times I've been there, overrun with folks "cute" lil' urchins and serving standard diner breakfast fare at crazy prices. Frankly, I'd rather go to the straight-up diners around 5th Ave. & 9th St. than put up with that. The best price-to-breakfast ratio in the neighborhood though can be found at the unassuming little 7th Ave. Donuts on 7th Ave. just north of 9th St. They serve up your standard breakfast items made reasonably well at bargain prices and also have the advantage of being open at all hours, making a decent donut, and serving up some pretty nice chicken soup.

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            nobody has mentioned 2nd street cafe. they have a full bfast menu - it's ok. a little pricey.

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              Aside from your opinion about the food at most places you mention, I am astounded at who you consider overpriced. I understand bargain hunting, but restaurants in Park Slope, and Brooklyn in general, pay as much for their produce, meat, etc. as every place in Manhattan does. And the rents have crept up to that level to. Have you had brunch across the river lately ?

            2. for REALLY GREAT, with options like dizzys being thrown out there all i can say is Applewood, 12th Steet restaurant (on 8th across from Jonny Macks)

              the rest are good if you are interested in not too special breakfast, but most of what i see posted here are diners, serving diner food.

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                I love Cousin John's bakery for breakfast. It is fun watching the bakers and they have really good food.