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Chicago Style Pizza?

Hi everybody I am new to this forum. I have lived in LA for my entire life, and I have seen it all as far as food. However, I have never found a place which sells good Chicago style deep dish pizza. Can anyone help me out?

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  1. I think the consensus on this board is Tony's Little Italy in Placentia for the most "authentic" place in the LA area for Chicago style deep dish pizza.


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      Per RSMBob's advice, I went. It was incredible.

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        By far the best pizza on the planet dont get me started just spend a few dollars more for a real pizza not the crap from the chain restaurants.

        Tony's Little Italy Pizza
        1828 N Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA 92870

      2. Welcome to Chowhound!
        Check out the 'Search This Board button' at top of this topic, it is your Best Friend.
        Search on 'title:chicago pizza' and you will get 15 hits of 'homework' topics to browse just within the last year.
        I wish I had a current reco, I still miss the excellent Chicago style place 'Speakeasy Pizza' that only lasted a few months.

        1. As divefan suggested, search for chicago pizza and you'll find an article that makes 2 suggestions. I haven't been to either of those joints, because they are too far away.

          I can recommend Dino's in North Hollywood. It's not chicago style, but it's a decent substitute. Just don't use the parm cheese shakers.

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            Any word on the Chicago-style pizza at Stone Fire Pizza Co on La Cienega?

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              if only they had a proper chicago-style...

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                Stone Fire is noble in attempt and it goes well with beer, but it's not great.

                Stay away from the thin crust though.

            2. I've not been to Tony's Little Italy in Placentia, but of the places I've been in LA, the best and most reliable has always been Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta in Studio City.

              Linking ...

              Tony's Little Italy Pizza
              1828 N Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA 92870

              Georgio's California Pizza and Pasta
              11992 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

              1. any word on both the FLAT and stuffed chicago-style pizzas at banducci's in long beach? that's one i haven't seen covered much.

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                  i've gone twice now to banducci's for the stuffed pizza. it reminds me of eduardo's in chicago. i haven't been to Tony's but i was very pleased with this pizza.

                  for flat chicago style i still think casa bianca is it.

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                        Well, looks like I've got somewhere to head out to...sounds promising. I'm going to try and get there Thursday for lunch and will report back. Although actually further away from me than Tony's, this might be an answer for a number of "LA-only" people. Granted it's not on the westside, but if it's good people will drive!

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                          i look fwd to hearing your impressions, rsmbob

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                            Well, I do a pretty good Andy Rooney and my Frank SInatra isn't bad, either. However, my George W Bush needs some work and I'm starting to run out of time (or at least he is).

                            That being said, looking up Banducci's in Lakewood on the internet, it appears the place opened earlier this year. Reviews have been good so this is definitely a "must-try" place.

                  1. I went to Tony's Little Italy in Placentia last night. It is very close to where I live and it impressed several Chowhound posters, so I thought I had better try it.

                    I was expecting an Italian restaurant based on the menu I saw on their web site. Instead, it's a strip mall store with about eight tables in the front, two TVs, all white walls with Chicago memorablia on them, and mostly to-go business. Very few customers ate there. There is not waitress though -- you order at the to-go counter and then the cashier brings you your food when it's ready. The place was clean, neat and orderly. They have beer and soda on tap. The menu says they have wine but I didn't see any bottles or anyone drinking it. The bathrooms and kitcken looked very clean - always nice to see.

                    I had kids with me so I ordered the hawaiian pizza deep dish. It was over $18 including tax, which is a little more than I normally pay for pizza. Being deep dish it took a while to make but I let the kids play the one video game in the store. It came out and the kids loved it - each eating only one slice. It was cut into ten slices. I could only eat two slices. It was very filling, so the $18 is actually a good value. I should've ordered something other than the Hawaiian but I did so because of the kids. The pineapple does not belong in a pizza like this --- it makes it too watery and too sweet. This is a knife and fork pizza but even more so with the runny sauce probably due to the pineapple.

                    The crust is good and I think that's the main attraction to the pizza at Tony's. It has the flavor and texture of the outside of a buttermilk biscuit. The inside is doughy but not undercooked or moist. It is only slightly sweet and not at all greasy which is the challenge with pizza dough that is more than just bread dough. It's a little like Numero Uno but not not nearly as sweet or greasy as Numero Uno. It's pretty much just right for a deep dish.

                    The toppings were ordinary but I ordered Hawaiian. Next time I will leave the kids at home and order something that belongs on a pizza like pepperoni, garlic, sausage, olive, etc. I think I'll ask the cashier what is best. The sauce was bright red and tasted of herbs and tomatoes but it wasn't too herby or spicy for the kids. They gobbled it up.

                    I had to pay for the pizza when I ordered it and not being there before I didn't know how much service I would be getting so I entered $0 for the tip on the credit card receipt. The service actually ended up being pretty good for a to-go place (the young lady brought melamine plates, napkins, and real silverware just before the pizza came out so I left $5 cash before we left.

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                      Before Tony's moved a couple years ago, it was MUCH smaller...only 2 "excuse me" tables, basicually for waiting for the pizza. Next time get the stuffed crust (not just deep dish) with your choice of toppings (er, fillings). Even better, call ahead to order it so you don't have to wait! 2 slices are about all anyone can handle, but unlike thin crust, it reheats well the next day, so when i make the special trip there, I order big!

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                        I love Tony's, too. I always get the sausage, mushroom and garlic stuffed.

                        Thank you, Chowhound!

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                        Great report. Was the sauce chunky or smooth?

                      3. I too have longed for good Chicago pizza, and many of the places mentioned don't really measure up to what real Chicago pizza is. My favorite has been Giordano's stuffed pizza, and I have even mail ordered them frozen. I have never been to Placencia and Tony's, but maybe one day.

                        Since I work in Carson, I made it out to Banducci's today. I had their stuffed pizza with sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers (The Al Capone). It wasn't quite Giordano's, but it did meet the need for me. I will try the deep dish next time, but I am definitely going back.

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                          Ogawak, how much did you like the mail-ordered pizzas? Come at all close to fresh? Have you tried Malnati's mail-ordered pies?

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                            My favorite is Giordano's. I haven't mail-ordered a pizza in a while, but they do hold up pretty well. It's best if you have a pizza stone. Also with shipping, the pizza will cost around $40 plus. I've never tried Malnati's, but I'm sure the other Boards will have the information you need.

                            That said, Banducci's is a pretty good and more reasonable substitute.

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                              i thought banducci's was similar in taste to giordano's.

                              i'm still hoping for an aurelio's in LA. meanwhile casa bianca is the substitute ( a pretty great one, if only it were closer)>