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Oct 6, 2007 10:26 PM

Restaurant near Majestic Theater (Phantom) W. 44th

My BIL and SIL are coming to NY for the very first time. They have really not traveled anywhere before and are coming from Texas. This is a big time splurge for them. They are not on a big budget and are looking for a place for dinner before the theater-it will be a Sat. night at the end of Oct.

I've only been to NY once so I am not a big help. I have heard of Carmine's on 44th which would be down the street....but have not been...would this work for them? Or can you suggest something else...they are not adventurous eaters nor can they spend more than $100 for the meal (they do not drink so won't be ordering wine, etc.). In fact, as close to $50 for the meal would be closer to what they are comfortable with. Yes, I've told them that NY is expensive and they will just have to deal with it.

Any ideas on 44th near the Majestic Theater or thereabouts??

Thanks for any help...they are a sweet couple and I would love to help them have a wonderful time in NYC.


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  1. My pick would be Le Madeleine-I've been eating there for years. French bistro with a high quality v price value. Also-it's not stuffy-very lively and relaxed, and a few blocks from the theater...they can reserve via online.

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      Bingo! David W took the very words right out of my mouth!!
      It would be perfect!

      1. re: heavyj

        Becco's ayce pasta may be a good deal, but the problem is the pastas are mediocre. In addition, seating makes you feel as though you have stumbled into a sardine can, and the noise level is so insanely high that you have to shout in order to carry on a conversation.

        Trattorai Trecolori, on 47th St., b/t B'way & 8th Av., is our favorite Italian in the Theater District, and many other Hounds are fans as well. The homestyle fare served there is well-prepared and very tasty, especially the pastas, which far surpass in quality and deliciousness those one gets at Becco. Service is friendly and efficient. The large dining room has attractive decor and comfortably-spaced tables. Prices are moderate.

        1. re: RGR

          Thank you all for these great ideas.....I am checking them out and will also be sending them this infor...will sure help out these very newbie to NY!!
          They are the nicest people, always helping others and after 25 years of marriage and raising kids this is their first trip on their own that is this far from Texas!! So, you see why I want them to have a good time!!
          Thank you so much,

          1. re: Shadow

            I second RGR's recommendation of Trattoria Trecolori - it's got a warm, welcoming ambience, reasonable prices (for NYC), and good traditional Italian/Italian-American food. I think they'd be comfortable here and have a very enjoyable experience.

      2. I've been gone from the NY area for awhile now, but I used to love FIrebird which I think is on W. 46th and near the theatre. It has a beautiful atmosphere (especially the upstairs space) and the pre-theatre dinner never used to cost a fortune. It has Russian food and is very romantic.

        1. I'd pass Becco for all the previous reasons mentioned.
          I felt like I was sitting on the lap of the person at the next table.
          The food is anything but distinctive and the noise level is maddening.
          Other than that...