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Shalimar in Sunnyvale

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I recently noticed that the cursed Indian restaurant on El Camino in Sunnyvale (formerly Udupi Palace, Karaikudi, Chaat Cafe, Cafe Mumbai) now has a sign saying it's Shalimar, an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. Does anyone know if this Shalimar is related to the one in San Francisco? I checked out their website and it says they have a Santa Clara location coming soon.

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  1. Yes, this is the same Shalimar that's in San Francisco and Fremont.

    I ate there with a big group of coworkers last Friday - good stuff!


    1. Where exactly is it in Sunnyvale?

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        It's at 1146 W El Camino Real.

        If you go, please report back and let us know how it was!

      2. Really? It's changed again? Cafe Mumbai did not last long but it was dreadful, hence no report here. Having a branch of SF Shalimar so close to me could be quite a treat. I hope to try it soon and report here, but need to get back to Biryani Paradise first!


        1. Thanks for the scoop on this. It is indeed run by the same folks as the one in San Francisco. Based on my limited experience (one meal at each location) the food is just as good. This is a great addition to the neighborhood!


          1. Went last night. Cafeteria style service..order at the counter, cash only which you pay after the meal. Great place for kids as it is super causal and noisy. The food is well above average, not memorable...like eating at someone's house. A good alternative for a quick cheap meal. The place was super busy but there was plenty of seating.

            1. What specific dishes should I order here? I had a bad chicken tikka masala experience here a few months ago, but then was told later I should stick to the grilled meats.

              1. The curry dishes are very tasty, but they are oilier than at other places. I agree that the tandoori meats are probably the best options on the menu.

                1. Ive had a couple of bad experiences at Shalimar Sunnyvale recently. First the tandoori chops were cooked well beyond complete. But the service was beyond repair. I have eaten at three locations and so have had my expectations calibrated but my last Sunnyvale visit was too much. I had to make three separate visits to the front to get:
                  1. The Naan that was ordered
                  2. The tikka masala that was ordered by a friend
                  3. The dry chops.

                  In my experience at that location they really seem to be struggling with getting appropriate help.

                  1. This one is not original Shalimar and you can make from any dish you order there.Don't get fooled by the name "Shalimar" its not the same franchise and waste of time and money..Avoid it

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                      Oops, how did I read Sunnyvale as Fremont?

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        I don't see a Sunnyvale location on the Shalimar SF website page you linked. http://www.shalimarsf.com/locations.htm

                        Here's the Sunnyvale website, http://shalimarsv.com/

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                          Maybe related at some prior point. The menus are almost word for word identical, even having the same double period typo at the end of this dish.

                          "4B. BANARSI KHEER.......... $2.00
                          Rice custard flavored with gentle sweet spices like cardamom and cloves. Blended with a variety of nuts.."

                      2. re: tan_veer

                        Sounds like someone with an axe to grind. I haven't been to the "original" Shalimar, but I can tell you that the food at the Sunnyvale Shalimar, with its complexity of spices and ingredients, has frankly spoiled me for Indian food almost anywhere else. I find that a lot of Indian food is so one-note compared to the interesting layers of flavors that the Sunnyvale Shalimar offers up. A typical order for me (with leftovers, obviously) was always murgh boti tandoori, chicken tikka masala, okra, palak paneer, mixed vegetables, eggplant, and rice. Even the rice is interesting with the cardamon pods and other whole spices still in there (as is the case with the dishes as well). Sure, you have to sift through it, but it imparts a depth of flavor that you just don't get anywhere else.

                        Great - I'm in the Bay Area this weekend, and I just talked myself into a meal.

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                          Welcome back! My friends from Winston-Salem just arrived in the City.

                          Yep, I like to see the whole spices too. Haven't been to Sunnyvale's Shalimar.

                      3. Only been to the sunnyvale location once and it was so so. We always go the one in Fremont. Really like the food over there. Love their murg tikka lahori, palak aaloo methi. Never liked chicken tikka masala at any place. Oily, well you guys never had saag with tons of ghee then.