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Oct 6, 2007 08:00 PM

Thanksgiving bird - last minute help please!!

So, we have a goose for tomorrow. We're just prepping it, but we've found some of the remaining feather follicles (?) in the skin of the bird. I've never come across this before. We're trying to pluck them out now, but is this common? What if some remain, is the skin inedible?

Not a nice surprise when I still have pastry to make this evening.

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  1. I would just pluck out the remaining feathers and proceed as usual. If some remain, they may singe when cooked, and that part of the skin should not be served. But it shouldn't affect the flavor of the bird or the rest of the skin. If there are a lot of them, you might want to scald the bird by dunking it *very* briefly in boiling water, which will loosen the feathers.

    1. I'm confused. Did Thanksgiving get moved up seven weeks?

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        Canada's Thanksgiving is this weekend, I believe.

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          Canada's Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October.

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            Yup, that's the day after tomorrow.

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              Ah, of course. I forgot about that. I'd be curious to know how similar or dissimilar Canada's Thanksgiving culinary traditions are to those of America. I wonder why there aren't more threads popping up on the topic, it seems that we have a large Canadian population here.

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                In my family, we never had sweet potatoes at all, and I never heard of them until the mid-70's. I also never heard of the green bean casserole until just this last few years. Similarly, cornbread, for stuffing. I still can't quite figure out how cornbread fits into a meal. Maybe I was sheltered. The turkey stuffing was always IN the bird, never in a separate casserole, unless it was a large family gathering, and extra was needed. Roast turkey, sage and onion stuffing, pan gravy, roast potatoes, mashed rutabaga (my dad's family's farm tradition) pumpkin pie, and apple pie, maybe. I think we usually had peas, as a green veg. My dad always made his own wine, and my mom always made her own jams and jellies, and froze or canned lots of harvest. Some of her pickles were always on the table. There'd always be local fresh fruit and vegs around, so we'd have fresh concord grape juice, mixed with 7-up, which was a special treat (we didn't have soda in our house very often). As we got older, and my dad more adept at his wines, they'd make their appearances at the table, too.

                I've changed things up, myself. I always like to add something a little new. That beet roesti from recent posts, is being added, and probably the roast brussels sprouts. No potatoes, but I'll roast the sweet potatoes. One year, I made the rutabaga into a "puff" that was very caky, and good, but not quite so satisfying as my grandmother's mashed, with a little brown sugar, heavy cream, and a touch of brown sugar. I need that stuffing, though!! I've always adored my grandmother's stuffing, and spent years experimenting, to get it as good as hers, and then improve it a little. I swear, I could have nothing else but that stuffing!! It's a little different from anything I've ever come across. I like to use a light rye bread mixed with some calabrese bread, or some other heavy white bread.

                Usually, the weather was nice, so we'd go out looking for some nice leaves, earlier in the day, to decorate the table with, or some dry weeds, or other decorative looking plants to make the house more festive.

                I'm working today, Sunday, so when I get home, I'll be doing some of the longer or harder projects, such as the pies, and cutting and peeling the rutabaga, and preparing the stuffing. Maybe I'll precook what can be done that way, too. I'm alone, so I can do it in my own time. Then I can have a quiet day tomorrow to enjoy the day and my meal.


          2. this maybe the redneck showing in me, but most birds will have these, dark feathered birds are worse, I say don't sweat it, carry on!, this is real food, the way GOD designed it!,and oh yeah, it's fine to eat,may I ask, why are you worried so early?