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MSP - broke - craves Sushi - suggestions?

Okay, I really need to have a sushi fix Sunday - in Minneapolis, my favorite go-to place is Fuji Ya and has been forever however the checkbook won't allow it at the moment (We usally are set back a minimum of $150 for two) ........but are there are joints in Minneapolis that have specials on Sunday? Please don't send me to Ichiban (sp) - I may be broke but reallly........I thought I heard somewhere that someplace has some kind of specials that are decent.

Thank you in advance .......

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  1. Don't know about specials on sushi => http://www.floatingworldcafe.com/Floa...
    .. i think there's always something, you can call them & ask.

    Otherwise their japanese food is really good. you can get there from the above link, too. daily special on sunday is a japanese pancake.

    1. Martini Blu has all you can eat sushi on Sundays for $30. I've never been on Sundays but in general their sushi has been pretty good.

      1. go to obento-ya. . . oh crud, you already went somewhere, dang.

        good quality sushi. 3 of us stuffed ourselves silly on sushi for $68 last week. the toro special was to die for.

        so next time, go to obento-ya! :)

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        1. re: soupkitten

          okay crap. obento-ya looks awesome. can you tell me about this 'hearth' robata business. is it adding to a soup, or does it come already grilled, or do you grill it on your table. not sure i understand.. but i have several ideas based on what i've seen in asia.. can anyone explain how it works at obento-ya?

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            It comes already grilled, on the skewers.

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              I've only been to Obento-Ya once but we got a wide variety of food when we were there. The robata things were skewed and cooked on a little stove up at the sushi bar area. They came to your table already cooked. I was surprised that the veggies were grilled completely plain, no seasonings, but they were still very good.

              We did get one of the sushi meals when we were there and it was great. They seem to still be working out the kinks, and don't have a liquor license, but there's great potential there.

              1. re: katebauer

                Japanese do not go in heavy for seasonings almost as a rule. Most Robata-yaki-yasans expect their choice ingredients to do the talking. In Japan they frequently have very close relations with the farmers who supply their produce.

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                  you can also get the veggies tempura breaded if you prefer them that way, but if i recall correctly they send ponzu with the plain veggies and a different dipping sauce with the tempura ones. i like to get the kabocha skewers when i'm there-- delicious either way

            2. Thanks everyone - due to a family illness, we never did make it out but I cannot wait to try recommended Obento-Ya! Thanks everyone!

              1. For cheap, but not very creative Sushi, try Sushi of Tokyo in Plymouth. They only have the very basics. Think of the type of Sushi you usually see in the supermarket, but prepared to order by a husband/wife team. On Sundays, they have all you can eat for about $20/pp. (A few of the rolls cost $1 extra, and there's also a charge of $1 per piece for wasted food - but since everything is made to order, it shouldn't be a big deal.)

                If you really want cheap Sushi, that's the way to go. TDS1 wrote a review of it a while back in this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/367904

                1. Since this thread still lives, I'd like to put in a good word for Koyi for good sushi on the cheap, especially for lunch.

                  With regard to the Sunday specials, I don't know of anywhere besides Martini Blue...but what a special! We've gourged ourselves there several times, with mixed but generally good results.

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                      Koyi is across the street from Luce in the Warehouse District next door to Sawatdee (it is connected actually) on 4th St.

                      Even if you don't like Sawatdee, give Koyi a chance. They have a terrific itamae and great prices. Now, why a Thai restaurant has a sushi joint attached, I'm not sure.

                      1. re: Foureyes137

                        oh right! i heard the name mentioned and checked out their website a while back and was dismayed that it was a sawatdee joint, & decided not to try it until i'd heard more positive things. so okay now i may give it a try, though i seldom am in that area. thanks!

                        1. re: soupkitten

                          I think they have disconnected themselves (management-wise) from Sawatdee. We live in the 'hood, and of the four sushi places within walking distance, this is our first choice every time. Not as creative as Nami or Origami, but their fish is amazingly good, every time. Silky, buttery, fresh. They have many fun rolls, too. And supposedly a terrific happy hour.

                          p.s. Just got back from three weeks in Singapore. Fabulous food EXCEPT for sushi. Very underdeveloped in this area.

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                            okay that's a few positives now & i want to check this place out! i just rechecked their website and couldn't find times for the happy hour you mention, Loren3. anyone know when it is?


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                              We went to Koyi on Friday and it was just okay. We sat at the sushi bar but the sushi chefs didn't look up at us once. Completely different than Origami where the sushi chefs are friendly and you place your orders with them. The waitress was attentive and got us drinks quickly which was nice. Our sushi came, the fish was good, but the rolls were huge. Too huge - not delicate or enjoyable to eat.

                              Despite the service problems we've had occasionally at Origami, I'd much rather go there and have an enjoyable experience sitting at the sushi bar.

                              1. re: katebauer

                                In keeping with the reason for this thread, how was the price in comparison? I eat at Origami 99% of the time, but if I am looking for inexpensive...it's not my first choice...it's one of my last.

                                1. re: Foureyes137

                                  I can't recall our total bill but I do remember the price of some of the pieces and honestly they seemed comparable. I got the #9 roll which I believe was around $13 and salmon nigiri at around $4. Maybe those prices are $1-2 less than other places nearby but the experience still wasn't worth it.

                                  In my experience, unless you're going for one of the AYCE specials, or stick solely to the limited happy hour special menus (I've done sushi happy hour at Koyi, Midori and Nami), it's not worth eating at a place that's $1 less per roll if it's going to be a bad experience and you won't even enjoy your meal. Those rolls at Koyi were so big and sloppy that I didn't enjoy eating them at all.

                                2. re: katebauer

                                  That's really odd - I always sit at the sushi bar at Koyi and the sushi chefs are some of the friendliest and have always told me about their specials that day and chatted. And they are the only place I found that has consistently fresh white tuna - so yummy. I haven't noticed the rolls being larger then other sushi places.

                                  I actually stopped going to Origami because after three visits I found their service to be beyond horrible. Twice at the sushi bar where I was almost ignored and once at a table where the waitress snottily corrected my pronounciation. That was the last straw.

                                  Completely different experiences :)

                                  1. re: maureen73

                                    I'm with you on this one. Service has always been exceptionally friendly and attentive, whereas for my experiences, it's been Origami that's left me cold. And, contrary to katebauer's disappointing experience, I find that for a buck or two cheaper, Koyi's fish is typically better and fresher than Origami and Nami. I've even gotten the wrong fish at Nami!

                                    And their white tuna is always superb. And their unagi is fleshier and not as sticky sweet as at some other places. And their edamame is never under- or overcooked. Blah blah blah. When I got off the plane from Singapore, that's where we headed for dins.

                                    Right about the happy hour, though. Koyi is no longer on the mplshappyhour.com web site.

                                    1. re: Loren3

                                      Hm, I don't know why the chefs didn't look at us :(. I unfortunately don't think that any sushi place in the cities is ideal or consistent, for service nor quality. We tend to make our sushi choices lately more on what neighborhood/ambiance we want because there are flaws everywhere.

                                      1. re: katebauer

                                        kate, have you been into Bagu? Granted, I'm far from regular status there but but I've had all positive experiences.

                                        1. re: MSPD

                                          We live about .5 miles from Bagu so went there frequently when it first opened. It is a really nice spot though, you're right, and the sushi has always been really good. Over the summer we sat on their patio a lot which was great. I'm actually not sure why we don't go there more often. I do find the sushi chefs are a little pushy when we sit at the sushi bar, but my husband would probably say I'm being too sensitive (and I'm easily upsold)! We should get back there again soon.

                                          ETA: I know why we don't go there more often, no hard liquor license. My husband is a fan of a gin martini with his sushi.

                                          1. re: katebauer

                                            Ah...I wonder if they have plans to upgrade the liquor license. As a virtual non-drinker, that doesn't affect me as much. I'm curious, does that affect their ability to serve sake? (No mention of it on their web site)

                                            1. re: MSPD

                                              They don't have sake, just wine and beer. Hard liquor licenses are especially hard to come by in residential neighborhoods. According to the sushi chefs when we asked them last year, they'd love to get one, they just don't think it will happen.

                    2. The Fuji-Ya in St. Paul has great Happy Hour Sushi on the cheap. Another place to check out in the future

                      1. Best deal for great sushi any day of the week is Koyi Sushi downtown Minneapolis. Huge, fresh pieces everytime. I have never spent more than $50 including drinks for myself. Service is ok. Try it out, I am never disappointed.

                        1. My tips:
                          Fuji-Ya DOES have a sushi happy hour in the bar only, starting sunday at 8 pm. it gets packed so come in at least 15 minutes early. Not everything's included but it's pretty broad. Four friends and I often leave for under $30 a piece, including a couple of drinks, with a few pieces left over.

                          Ditto nami. They used to have a happy hour--also ltd menu--in the bar only during the week starting at 5. You should confirm the days and times on that - been a while since I've gone.