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Oct 6, 2007 07:19 PM

The mission- New York style hotdogs in Calgary

Ingredients needed:
-New England Style Hot Dog Buns (Portugese buns, split top) Pictured
-Naturally cased extra long beef dogs, like Nathans:
or something like Redhots- similar to German Bockwurst. Pictured
-A decent hot dog relish


If you know of some hot dog vendor that sells this kind of magic- slightly toasted buttered bun with a hot dog boiled and then deep fried or grilled creating that new york "snap."

Also mention your favorite hotdog places! Perhaps better if not Le Chien Chaude- plenty of reviews already, and I'm looking for obscure Calgary goodness.

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  1. I was just looking up the german sausage bit and the Frankfurter "Saitenwurstchen" style appears to be similar(but im not sure tastewise)- do I need to go to a specialty meat shop?

    1. just in case you didn't know, and happen to go to vancouver, they sell nathan;s dogs at PHAT deli in yaletown. I didn't get to try one, but plan o when I go back this xmas

      1. Just found out today that Bon Ton Meat Market has Nathan's Hot Dogs.

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