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Oct 6, 2007 06:22 PM

RJ Mexican Cuisine: dont bother

It received a good review on guidelive so we gave it a try--big mistake. From the hostess to the service to the food everything was bad. Chips tasted like they were bought at Sams, appetizers were bland, almost tasteless, and the main courses, steak tacos and mango chicken, were fatty and dry and tasteless. No Bueno!

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  1. Can't disagree enough. Went for lunch today. The queso was probably the best I've had in Dallas and the simple Beef fajita tacos were served in excellent soft flour tortillas and accompanied by a very flavorful latin slaw and a more than sufficient rice and beans.

    It's ironic your post came this recently as I left today thinking of sending off a very friendly review of this place.

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      I had been there once before, and thought it was fair. But my last trip was amazing--in a bad way. Clueless, inatentive and unfriendly hostess sat us. Nice but mentally impaired waiter greted us, asked about drinks, then promptly for got about them. Brought tea, but no spoon and no sugar. Didnt know what our orders came with, never brought chips till asked. My appitizer was tasteless as was the ceviche. My meal was inedible. my gf's meal was taseless. We had a coupon for a free dessert but the food was so bad we passed.

      My trip may have been a fluke, but for the fact that all the food was bland. I know even the best places have off nights and all waitstaff can be bad sometimes, but this was too complete to be anything but a snapshot of the place. The soft tortillas were good and the portions very large. They just tasted like sawdust.