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Oct 6, 2007 05:46 PM

Looking for the best kaiser buns and bagle in Toronto, Scarborough, North York


I'm looking for the best kaiser buns and bagles in Toronto, Scarborough, North York (near Don Mills and Sheppard).

Kaisers: crusty on the outside, soft on the inside.
Bagles: same as above


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    1. re: ericdunn

      in Scarb, there's B&A bakery on Ellesmere, west of Bellamy that at times has really great kaisers (crusty outside, soft inside), but they don't always have them everyday with no real schedule either so you have to rely on your luck; when i'm desperate, I usually head to a Highland Farms where they usually have at least 2-3 kinds of kaisers ie. ones with flour, no flour, might try searching for italian bakeries on this board for more kaiser places

      as for bagels,....this can occupy a separate thread of its own ...I go back and forth between Gryfe's on Bathurst/Melrose - these have the crusty exterior and soft interior - and Montreal style a la St. Urbain's Bagel (St. Lawrence, Bathurst/Finch), which are sweeter, chewier in texture

    2. Most will agree that Bagel World has the best bagels in the city, Bathurst and 401. Better get some now before their prices go up after their restaurant makeover episode airs.

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      1. re: abscissa

        It seems to me there was a long, long, long thread on bagels on this board some months ago, with much lively nattering over the various merits of Montreal-style and Toronto-style bagels. If you can track it down, you'll get all the info you need - on bagels. On kaisers, well, the chances are that whichever bakery does good bagels also does decent kaisers, which seem easier to execute. I usually get both at Bagel Plus, on Sheppard Ave. W., just west of Bathurst, though I'm aware of many worthy competitors up, down and just off Bathurst St. between Steeles (on the north) and Lawrence (on the south). Bagel Plus gives its bagel just the touch of inner chewiness I like - you certainly don't want your Toronto-style bagel to be too soft inside, otherwise it's little more than a kaiser roll in disguise. It's 55 cents per bagel at Bagel Plus, which seems to be the going rate for most bakery-bought bagels in the neighborhood. Best to get them just after the bakery opens at 6 a.m. (7 a.m. on weekends), when they're sure to be fresh and still hot, and eat them immediately for breakfast. The joint also does a first-class onion roll. Lots of easy parking in front of the bakery, which is in a huge plaza on the northwest corner of Bathurst and Sheppard.. Bagel World, on Wilson Ave. W., also does a very good bagel, at (if I recall) a slightly higher price, but parking in a narrow strip plaza can be difficult, with much dinging of fenders if you're not careful. Still, if you're coming west along Highway 401 (as, judging from your query, you may be), you simply turn off at the Bathurst St. exit and there, across Wilson Ave. right in front of you, is Bagel World. Be forewarned that service can be sloppy and chaotic. Bagel World's twister, which is a bagel on steroids (its price is on steroids as well) is very, very tasty. About Montreal-style bagels I'm no expert, though I'm fond of those turned out by a small chain called Bagel something-or-other (perhaps someone else can recall the precise name), one branch of which is on Avenue Rd., just north of Fairlawn, between Lawrence and Wilson, another on Bayview Ave. somewhat south of Eglinton. It's 70 cents a bagel, which seems a touch excessive for Montreal-style, but it's slightly cheaper if you buy in bulk and it's very good.

        1. re: juno

          That's a nice summary, juno. Personally, I like Bagel World, Gryfe's, Kiva's and Hamische. I've bought great rye bread at Bagel Plus, but never tried their bagels.
          It's Bagel House you're thinking of and, yes, they are very good, too. As a matter of fact, I brought some home this morning! I only like them toasted, but I'd never toast a Toronto-style bagel.

          1. re: juno

            Thank you juno! You always give the best tips!!!