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Oct 6, 2007 04:45 PM

Fun Brunch Place ???

Hi - I am looking for a fun brunch place to go to with one of my girlfriends tomorrow. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. i asked pretty much the same question last week and someone recommended Jules on St.Marks place. They have a 3 piece jazz band that was great and fun. the food is really good and it isn't too expensive. when I looked up reviews, a lot of people complained about the service, it is a bit slow, but then again go in knowing that, and besides it's sunday brunch, take it slow.

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      Ditto Jules (not sure it's "fun"). Service can be relaxed (but if the girls want to talk, is this a bad thing?).

      We went to Markt for brunch yesterday (21st & 6th Ave.). I had not been to Markt in the new location (they were in Meatpacking District). The menu ranges from inexpensive (bread basket and coffee) and up (mussels). It's Belgian and you can sit outside. It gets crowded and is lively. So if you are looking for a leisurely brunch this might not be the place.

      The Coffee Shop at Union Square also has outdoor seating, live jazz, good inexpensive food and is fun. Downside is the location and it's popular so there is often a wait.

      Cornelia Street Cafe on West 4th has a brunch deal, service can be relaxed and it gets crowded/might have a wait.

    2. Sunburnt Cow, Bonelick Park, Film Center Cafe. All have good food plus AYCD, and wind up being very fun!

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        IFC has good food and you can watch the IF screen as you dine. I have only eaten there during the week. Do they have brunch? Is it a deal?

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          Film Center Cafe has a great brunch deal. It's across the street from the IFC. Beware their frozen margs! Good mimosas too...

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          where is located Bonelick Park ???

          1. re: youngjung

            It's at the SW corner (with sidewalk seating) where 11th St hits 7th Ave. And it's definitely CHEAPASS and GOOD!

        3. I enjoyed Stanton Social's brunch, as well as Sapa's jazz brunch. Also, Alice's tea cup is fun and different (get the pumpkin scone)