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Oct 6, 2007 04:31 PM

Recommendations near the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott

Visting NYC for 5 nights in early November and staying at the BBM (for a conference). As we don't know the Brooklyn geography well, any suggestions for interesting places in the vicinity would be appreciated. Any and all cuisines enjoyed but wine/drink list not relevant. Price range wide (but don't get thrills from looking at a $25 stuffed single zuchini flower, no matter what it is stuffed with!!). Interesting ethnic suggestions in particular would be great (Kosher, vegetarian, Italian family style, etc).

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  1. I'll get you started. Here are a few that are not too far (walk or short cab depending on which one) from the Marriott:

    Lunetta - tasty Italian food; love the fried artichokes, the panzanella, ricotta brushetta. Menu:

    Lucali - a bit farther from the hotel, but fantastic pizza at a neighborhood favorite. The menu is extremely limited (pizza and calzones, no salads or appetizers and BYOB). The address is 575 Henry street (between Carroll and 1st in Carroll Gardens). It opens at 6, and getting there early is better to avoid a long wait outside.

    Atlantic Chip Shop - fish and chips and beer, other fried things. This place is super casual and cheap.

    A Bistro - African, BYOB, nearer to Fort Greene. 154 Carlton Avenue. You can find the menu at

    Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory - 2 Old Fulton Street, right under the bridge. I love their vanilla! I don't think they have any non-ice cream food.

    I have heard good things about Petit Marche, Henry's End and Noodle Pudding but have not been to them personally. You can search the boards, though.

    1. There's very little in the immediate vicinity. You'd do just as well taking a cab to lower Manhattan.

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        You are kidding Peter? Olive123 recommended three places that I can vouch for Le petit marche, noodle pudding and Henry's End (note the Noodle Pudding does not take reservations or credit cards). And then there is Queen's on Court St. And a little further away (but an easy walk if it's not raining) all the Smith St. restaurants. And the Atlantic Ave. Middle Eastern greats like Waterfalls. Unless one is aiming for Manhattan Chinatown, I think one would do a lot better in Downtown Brooklyn than Lower Manhattan.

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          Agreed...there are countless great options in walking distance, especially as warm as the weather has been. Lunetta, Hibino, Waterfront Ale House, a million middle eastern places.....

      2. Tues Thurs farmers market at Boro hall. (I think it is across the street from Marriot)
        Jacques Torres Chocolate - under the Brooklyn Bridge.
        Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan China town. Return over the Manhattan bridge.
        Walk to Atlantic Ave, many middle eastern choices. Sahidi's food store and Tripoli among other choices.

        1. Good Brooklyn choices within a 10 minute walk of 1 5 minute cab ride. The addresses of all of these places are in the links -

          Queen - classic Brooklyn Italian. A favorite with the well heeled layers who work at the nearby courthouse.

          Pete's Downtown
          Solid "B" level Italian food with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. Request a table by the window when making reservations.

          Waterfront Ale House - first rate burgers and an outstanding beer list.

          Downtown Atlantic - a very good neighborhood restaurant that's an outstanding value.

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          1. re: Bob Martinez

            There's Nicky's on Atlantic Ave. across the street from Downtown Atlantic that makes good Vietnamese sandwiches.

          2. Many great places nearby.
            Yemen Cafe, on Atlantic between Court and Clinton is some of the best middle eastern food you'll ever have. Not long on atmosphere, but the roast lamb is just unreal. Everything is.

            Noodle Pudding, on Henry Street, is great atmosphere, and solid hearty Italian food.

            Frankie's 457, a healthy walk or a short cab ride, down on Clinton in Carroll Gardens, is excellent Italian, very nice place and you can sit outside.

            Nicky's vietnamese sandwiches on Atlantic is great. As is Hanco, another Vietnamese sandwich shop a few blocks away.

            I second the vote for Lunetta. Not quite as good as Frankie's, but very solid. As is nearby Po for Italian. Again, very nice atmosphere.

            Also, for takeout, the Soul Spot, on Atlantic, has excellent fried chicken and great sides. Could go eat that while taking in the sights on the promenade.

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              Personally I like the food better at Lunetta than at Frankies, though I've been to Lunetta much more frequently (live closer). Though I do like the interior design of Frankie's better, its a very nice looking restaurant.