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Oct 6, 2007 03:19 PM

shout out: good cheap mom and pop Chinese in Beverly


I made an exploratory visit to Ruby House in Beverly, since I visit the Cummings Center frequently. It's one of those places built in to an old KFC.

To be honest, I've only gotten lunch special stir fries, but they were plentiful, cheap, and made while I watched -- very fresh tasting. And they are sympathetic when I have to handle my two pre-schoolers, smiling benevolently and bringing out extra napkins without being asked.

Husband and wife run it (he usually cooks) and their school-age daughter takes orders some weekends. Dad's English is OK for ordering, Mom's not really (couldn't understand when I said 'no MSG', and she won't answer the phone when he's not in... this merely increases authenticity to me) Daughter, of course, probably speaks English better than I.

Clean but not terribly attractive, rather 'Chinese in the rough' feel. Maybe some more adventurous eaters can check it out and supplement this post.



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  1. Can you be more specific what you mean by "Chinese?" Like, what type of food? What were in these special stir-fries?

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      Well, the menu looks like any 'ordinary' chinese restaurant, chicken fingers, general gau's chicken, and so on... the stir fries were not exotic vegetables... I had a nice balance of mushrooms, peapods, bamboo shoots, broccoli, peppers, etc, on one visit, and my visit today (she was cooking), I was less impressed... more carrots and onions.

      But -- I bothered to post this because I found it fresh, and fresh tasting... generic Chinese usually puts me off. I'd rather make it myself. Also, they themselves were eating stuff that didn't look like it was on the menu. I'll bet if you asked for something special, you'd get it, but I don't know that for a fact. I'm making the assumption because it's a small outfit and I had a good experience. You may find it to be ordinary Chinese food....