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Oct 6, 2007 03:13 PM

Okay, Absinthe is legal again - now where can I get it in DC?

I have had it in NYC, now when will it come to the nations capital?

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  1. There are three brands that are legal Kubler, Lucid and Green Moon. Luicd is available online for nationwide delivery. When you say absinthe is legal actually it is and it isn't. Two colleague kids got raided for drinking it in Arizona

    Maybe take time for law enforcement to get used to the idea? Theres something about thujone levels which make it legal or not.

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      I saw some tamed down version in a VA ABC store recently - maybe the Oakton location? The name and some phrase under the name quickly gives away that it's (paraphrase) "Absinthe for the US". After seeing that I didn't bother to search the shelves more carefully.

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        Absinthe until fairly recently was illegal in each of the states and has been since about 1912 when there was a scare that absinthe would make you crazy, literally. Most states are beginning to change their laws and presumably all will do so eventually.

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        1. Pardon the interruption, but a discussion about Absinthe vs. Arak and similar liquors has been split to the Spirits board:

          Please keep the discussion here on where to find Absinthe locally.


          1. Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park, now has Lucid; I just bought a bottle. I asked about Kubler and they said that they would be getting that once their local distributor starts carrying it, which should be soon.


            1. Hayden's on 7 and Constitution SE (E Mkt.) had a botttle the other day - something like $70 I think....

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                sorry, 7th and Independence. (I always get that mixed-up)