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Oct 6, 2007 02:41 PM

Built-in Outdoor Grill Recs

I'm looking to get a built in grill for an outdoor patio space (i.e. one that drops into a counter). Will be natural gas powered (we've run a gas line out to the patio). Probably looking for around 36" size. Also considering a built-in sink type piece (also have water line). Any recommendations / advice?

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  1. When I built my outdoor kitchen last summer I was all set to buy one of the units from BBQ Galore - I don't remember which one. I had seen other brands, Lynx, etc.

    Then a neighbor was at a H&G trade show and saw the units by Outdoor Kitchen Concepts [outdoorkitchebconcepts.com] and suggested I look at theirs - this after he purchased one himself.

    I can recommend them without reservation. Quality construction throughout. It was a couple of hundred moe that the BBQ Galore unit but well worth the extra.


    J W

    I do not work for this company - I am just a satisfied user.

    1. I have just done exactly that and am astounded by the Lynx 30" grill we bought. It's incredibly well made, the hood is extremely heavy but power-assisted and a breeze to open. It cleans up very easily, reaches temperature fast and stays there and looks fantastic. It was expensive but it's guaranteed for life and built in America.