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Morton's in Downtown Hartford?

I'd appreciate any feedback on Morton's (steakhouse) in downtown Hartford, CT.
Would it be a good place to celebrate an anniversary? My husband is not adventurous with food, so I'm trying to find a nice restaurant that has great steaks and basic seafood.


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  1. also saw your previous post about "romantic." Morton's to me feels corporate rather than romantic.
    we like Metro Bis in Simsbury. during the week the noise level isn't too bad and you can actually have a conversation. i think they have a steak entree on the menu all the time, also usually a special.
    happy anniversary!

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      Rudysmom, thanks for your reply. I wondered about the atmosphere of Morton's...figured it might be similar to Max Downtown, but I wasn't sure. The problem is finding food that my husband will like. I'll try just about anything, but my husband is a picky eater, so he won't eat most seafood or combinations of foods most people seem to like...no tomatoes, no spicy food, no spinach, no "leafy dark green veggies". Well...you get the picture.

      Simsbury is a little too far of a hike for us though....thanks for the suggestion anyway.


    2. I'd agree with ruidysmom - neither Max's nor Morton's qualifies as romantic - maybe Hot Tomatoes - they have beenf on the menu?

      1. Wouldn't call them romantic but that wasn't one of your criteria so take a look at j Gilbert's in Glastonbury or Ruth Chris in Newington

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          I guess I'll take "romantic" out of the restaurant request equation, since I'm not sure there are any restaurants with a romantic atmosphere "East of the River". (Someone, please let me know if I'm incorrect about that!)

          I love Ruth Chris in Newington...looking for something along the same lines as far as quality of food (it's just that we've been there a few times before, & we'd like to try a restaurant we've never been to before)


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            Check out Grant's in West Hartford. It seems to be just what your looking for, romantic with a large selection of steaks. Your husband can choose his own sides and you could order from the menu of composed dishes.

            1. re: garethblackstock

              What type of cuisine does Grant's serve, as far as the "composed" dishes?

              1. re: ctflowers

                Billy Grant describes the cuisine at Grant's as
                "a fusion of French and Italian cuisines that reflect
                a more sophisticated dining experience...", but
                don't be put off by that. It's classic New American,
                tasty and well-prepared with fresh ingredients.

                Check out their dinner menu at Grant's website:


                (Click on the "Menus" link at the bottom-right of the page.)

                1. re: rbailin

                  grant's is great. Billy tries really hard to push forward and it's nice to see an owner that gives a hoot. Billy pushes everyday

        2. My only experience with Mortons, one thing comes to mids... way overpriced. I love a good steak, but $48 for NY strip seemed excessive-- and the sides were a la carte. Service was mediocre--at least they brought us the 'after dinner drink cart'- comp-as apology...

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            Mortons is hugely expensive, but I have found the service exemplary and the steaks wonderful. When I am paying, I go to Max Downtown which also has great steaks and will cost you less money.

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              I forgot about my original posting after all this time, lol. We had a change of plans & just went out for lunch during the week. We were driving and stopped in Middletown, unfortunately, at the First & Last Tavern. What a huge disappointment...awful, tasteless food.

              1. re: ctflowers

                Not from the Hartford area, but sounds like your meal is a great excuse to try something new ;) The local-ish places sound great, Mortons etc can be had anywhere... sure the hubby would love it as a nice surprise...

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                  First and Last back in the old days in the south end of Hartford was wonderful. Yes you had to wait, but the huge brick oven in the middle of the place, created some wonderful pizza's and made it all worth it. After you gave your name at the door, you could walk up half a block and across the street and hang out at the bar at the 880 Jazz club,.. and maybe get some bonus music... then walk back to the First and Last and be in time for your number... just add 20 minutes to what ever they told you. But the food was great. I have never been satisfied with any of the satellities I have tried. Somehow waiting in line didn't seem so bad back then. With out the 880, waiting line for your res with a bunch of impatient uncontrolled rug rats (aka children) doesn't make the mediocre food worth it.

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                    No romance east of the river...Cavey's...and the food is not topo weird...no steaks on the menu right now ...