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Oct 6, 2007 10:31 AM

Help! Need good catered food in SD

I'm hosting a children's party here in SD and I need to find a menu that will appeal to the kids, but sophisticated enough for the adults. And once I figure that out, I need to know where to get it. I would prefer to get the food and bring it home, as opposed to cooking it myself because whenever I don't do that, I end up spending the whole day in the kitchen instead of with my guests. HELP!! Oh yes, another important tidbit, the party is in 2 weeks and I am still blanking. My head hangs low in chowhound shame....TIA!

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  1. Pat and Oscar's. Don't get pizza, though.

    1. Try:
      The Cheesecake Factory
      Panera Bread

      1. well, we always do pat & oscars or panera so I wanted to do something a little different this time. I have never tried Saffron (daantaat's suggestion), though. I will check out what I found about them online. Also, one of our friend's suggested Andre's on Morena Blvd for cuban food. They are big fans, but my husband has eaten there before and said the food was only so-so. Any other opinions?

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          Andre's isn't that good, and I don't think children would like it.

          I loved Saffron when it first opened in the 80's and it went downhill...actually, expanded its menu...but it is still there and I think if you order from the take out area only and just get the basic, tried and true stuff (chicken/rice/sauces/salad or slaw) it would work out, be a little different than Pat and Oscar's and reasonable. I don't like their sit down restaurant Thai foods.

          1. re: Cathy

            Saffron--their fried rice and noodle dishes are good, as are their salads and grilled chicken. They also do fresh spring rolls which may work for the kids.

            Isabel's Cantina does catering but it will be more pricey than ordering food elsewhere and taking it to go.

            If the kids or adults are adventurous enough, you could get Indian take out from Punjabi Tandoori mixed with Indian finger foods from Surati Farsan. Both places can deliver.

            Cafe Athena in PB has decent Greek food--pick up or deliver. Their dolmas, spanakopitas and grilled chicken make for good kid-friendly food.

            Whole Foods is the other place that comes to mind.

        2. I would do Waters catering.. You can order wonderful pizzas and pick up..I would do their pizzas for the adults..and seriuosly for the kids have Dominos deliver.. all they want is cheese!!! Panera also a good choice...

          1. I probably wouldn't do fancy for the grownups and something different for the kids, because the parents will feed their kids the grownup food, and you might run out. I'd suggest gourmet picnic/sandwiches, and I'd probably get it from French Gourmet, Bread and Cie or Whole Foods. French Gourmet has good takeaway catering - it's much more affordable than Festivities/TK&A or Waters.