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Oct 6, 2007 10:02 AM

Pastrami King Garwood Gone?

Gee, what happened to Pastrami King in Garwood? My husband just went over there to pick up lunch and it's a pizza place. Darn. They had pretty good deli there, so few places in the area have decent corned beef/pastrami sandwiches. The only other place we could think of was one in Clark (forgot the name offhand) but they are closed on Saturdays (kosher). How unfortunate...

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  1. I think you are referring to Deli King on Raritan Rd. in Clark. This place is on my mail route and is open on Saturdays. Once I asked about a reuben sandwich and was told that they will not mix dairy and meat (not kosher), yet they are open on Saturday. Another good choice for deli would be Maple Kosher Meats in the Millburn Mall on the Millburn/Union border on Vauxhall Rd. In the same strip mall where Tabatchnik's and Syd's used to be. There is a Five Guys there as well. Maple Kosher Meats is closed on Saturdays.

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      Thanks for letting me know Deli King is open Saturdays :-)

      Millburn is a bit too far for us to travel just for a sandwich, but now that I know Deli King is open when I need it, I'm set. Will be able to get my stuffed derma fix when I need it too :-)

      1. re: sivyaleah

        Loved when I was on the Bar Mitzvah circuit lo those many decades ago, stuffed derma would be served at all of them, and I was the only kid that liked it. Traded all that prime rib for derma. Then there was the diner in Queens that would brown both sides and make it crispy and serve it with browned onions over the top with or without gravy. Gotta go check my cholesterol now.

        1. re: jnk

          Yep, crispy kishka is the way to go :-) Yum!