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Oct 6, 2007 09:52 AM

Seeking Burgers Near Union Square

Hey gang - Any suggestions? - K.

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  1. Goodburger, on Broadway just north of Union Square, should change their name to Excellentburger

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    1. re: Brian S

      Brian, I find your opinions and reviews to be among the most detailed, insightful, and accurate I've read on chowhound, but I have to disagree with your Goodburger recommendation. The patty they prepare is average in flavor, marginal in size, and lacks any memorable char or otherwise crispy exterior. The supporting cast (lettuce, tomato, bun) offer decent contrasting textures, but little else. And the price becomes silly the minute you try to put cheese or - god forbid - bacon on your burger ($7 for cheeseburger and $9 for bacon + cheese with tax). Fries (not included) fall into the McDonald's family (thin and frozen), but I understand why some people enjoy them.

      While nowhere else is quite so convenient to Union Square (with the exception of Stand, which I'd classify as a small step up from Goodburger), I'd urge you to take your taste buds and your money up to Shake Shack (double shackburger ordered rare or medium will give you a significantly better return on your investment), Molly's (GIANT chargrilled patties on 3rd Ave @ 22nd), or Blue Smoke (11.50 for a thick patty with a salty kick and excellent accompaniments - especially the fries).
      Veselka on 2nd Ave @ 7th St and Royale over on Avenue C will both give you excellent bang for your buck and are likewise worth the walk.

      Good Luck, and please just promise you won't go to Corner Bistro.

    2. Bar Six on 6th avenue and 13th street, Molly's whiich is up a little on 3rd and 21 st but awesome burgers and Old Town Bar on 18th street. There is also the burger joint Stand on 12th and University which is supposed to be really good but I haven't tried it yet.

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      1. re: roze

        i'll second molly's. sub onion rings for the fries.

      2. i would second just going up to shake shack but i wouldn't get a double shackburger - do the shack stack which is disgustingly gooey and delicious. it's a single beef patty and then their portobello cap stuffed with cheese breaded and fried instead of a second beef patty.

        deliciously cheesy...mmm...yummers.

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        1. re: hugglyj

          The shack stack is indeed a goolicious mess, but for accuracy's sake I'll point out that it actually does include 2 cheeseburger patties with the cheese-stuffed portabello cap sqished between. It's way more than the bun could ever hope to handle, but the decadence factor is pretty alarming to behold.

        2. Shake Shack is my favorite--it's sort of nearby. In the more immediate vicinity, Stand and BLT Burger will do.

          1. I'm loving BLT Burger lately - get either the BLT Burger (w/american cheese) or the Marguez Burger (though it could be spicier). Great milkshakes!