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Oct 6, 2007 08:39 AM

[MSP] Quiet dining suggestions?

Looking for some casual or maybe a little nicer dining locations in the Twin Cities area that would be considered reliably *quiet*. (A family member just recently experienced sudden hearing loss and is having a tough time managing even moderately noisy environments)

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  1. We have the same issue when my dad comes to visit. And, besides, the rest of us really appreciate a quiet place - I hate being bombarded with noise when I eat. (And I sure wish more restauranteurs felt the way I do!)

    Quiet places I like:

    - Saigon (not completely hushed, but the accoustics are OK)

    - Tanpopo (usually pretty quiet, even when full)

    - Puerta Azul (unless there's a large, loud group of diners, which is very rare)

    - Khyber Pass (if it's not busy)

    - Mairin's Table (call to check which nights they have live music)

    - Istanbul Bistro (has been very quiet the two times I've been there)

    - (for a splurge) Restaurant Alma, Jax, or Vincent (the restaurant area, not the bar)

    Best wishes to your family member!

    1. My husband & I are usually the only ones in Blue Nile when we go. The food is not 'normal' per se, but quite tasty. Call 'em to ensure there's no live music before you go, though.

      I also remember Cafe Brenda being quiet... but I can't imagine why since it's a pretty open environment. Guess the guests are usually not rowdy :) ..

      1. i totally agree with tanpopo: it is always tranquil even though full. plus: so delicious and clean. love it.

        also: the heartland wine bar. the wine bar is really lovely, and less expensive than heartland itself. i have had GREAT service and excellent food there.

        1. Corner Table at Nicollet & 43rd is pretty small and quiet.

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            Unfortunately, that is not always true. We were at dinner at Corner Table a few weekends ago and it got progressively louder as the night went on. It was not uncomfortable by any means, but it was definitely noticeable.

            I only mention it in order to avoid a disappointment for the OP's family member.

            1. re: acetyleneman

              With Corner Tables it totally depends on the night. Weekends are likely to be loud. Thursdays not as much especially if you eat later. Earlier in the week can be even quieter.

              We were there a couple of Thursday's ago with my parents. He's practically deaf in one ear between age and and his military service. It was hard between 7 and 8 but for the rest of the time we were there (we were doing a tasting menu with them) it wasn't that bad as it looked like they got one full turn that evening.

            2. Giorgio's on Hennepin - it's has always been a favorite - quiet, decent food, good wine. Let us know where you end up going!