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I am assisting with an article on great hotdogs in S.C. for "The Sandlapper" magazine and would appreciate your recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Cosmic Dog in Mt. Pleasant is legendary.

    1. Skins in the upstate. Anderson/Greenville area. They are pretty good.

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        Sandy's in Columbia always used to have really good dogs. Moved away 5+ years ago though, so my info may be a little dated.

      2. jack's cosmic dogs -- great dogs, fries, rootbeer floats

        1. Stop in at the pool room in Aiken. Their chili on the hot dogs is legendary.

          1. SKINS Thrashers Hot Dogs in Upstate SC!!! They are in Clemson/Anderson/Greenville area. They also donate a lot of money to charity and have charity fundraisers.

            1. In Columbia check out Edna's #1 on River Drive. Great old walk-up stand. Great dogs and a 1950s atmosphere hard to find these days.

              1. There is a guy in Orangeburg that sits in the parking lot next to Dairy O on Russell Street that sells hot dogs out of a hot dog cart. They are one of the best dogs I have tasted. I believe he has been selling hot dogs out of a cart in Orangeburg for 15 years or so. I think he calls himself "Eujacks."