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Oct 6, 2007 07:42 AM

Miami & Beach rec's needed for weekend chow

Hi there,

We are coming down to Miami for a long weekend, a weekend of good eating and football. I know a couple of chefs in the area and they have made some recommendations, but I would like the local Chowhound view on some things too.

We will be down from Friday, Oct 19, through Monday, Oct 22. Our hotel is in SoBe.
Our set plans include:
Friday: Probably happy hour or early drinks at Club Deuce
Saturday: Dinner at Michy’s, might try Clarke’s in the afternoon
Sunday:Tailgating and Dolphins/Pats game

We NEED suggestions for:
Lunch/drinks Friday: Miami or Miami beach. We will have a car, so we open to any suugestions between the airport and SoBe. We get in early morning and checkin is not until the afternoon.

Of course prefer seafood, or Latin/Cuban/Salvadorian, something along those lines. If there is a happening place for food AND drinks. We are very open to that.

We are still undecided about dinner Friday. Have been leaning toward Michael’s, but not sure.

Saturday: Will need rec’s for breakfast and drinks and food again needed in the afternoon. Nothing too heavy, as Chef said they will be setting us with a special tasting menu at Michy’s.

Sunday: We would prefer not to eat at the hotel and will be tailgating. So is there a good breakfast place within walking distance of the National in SoBe?

Sorry for the long post. Feel free to make rec’s for some or all of it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. Balt -

    Would love to get a report on the Michy's tasting menu - that should be a treat. Some suggestions:

    Friday lunch - between the airport and SoBe covers a good bit of ground. You could stop off in Coral Gables where there are a number of good lunch options, and also walk around the business/shopping district which is centered around MIracle Mile and Ponce de Leon Blvd. Ortanique is one of my favorites (nuevo-Caribbean). Francesco's (Peruvian) comes highly recomended by many - I was underwhelmed by my one lunch visit, but may not have ordered well and am not giving up on it.

    Friday dinner - Michael's Genuine would be an excellent call for dinner. Michael's, Michy's, and Talula (close to your hotel @ 23rd & Collins) are 3 of my favorite local restaurants.

    Breakfasts Sat / Sun - Front Porch Cafe (14th & Ocean) is close and good, especially their pancakes. Talula does a nice Sunday brunch which ought to lay a solid foundation for tailgating. IceBox Cafe on Lincoln Road is also a nice breakfast spot.

    One little side note - the Deuce is a great little dive bar but is (at least by my recollection, haven't been for a while) not much of a happy hour place. Doesn't really get going till late night.

    Edited to Add - I have not given much commentary or description here but if you search this board you should find plenty about most of these places.

    A couple place links are not working properly, so here's a couple more addresses and websites:

    IceBox Cafe
    1657 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach

    Franceco Restaurant
    325 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables

    Michael's Genuine


    6927 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138

    210 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Ortanique On the Mile
    278 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

    Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
    130 N.E. 40th Street, Miami, FL 33137

    Front Porch Cafe
    1418 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      In addition to Frod's recommendations, I would consider Joe's Stone Crab for dinner one night. You could also do lunch at their take out store next to the restaurant. I would also consider Nobu for dinner one night.

      If you want Cuban on the beach I would recommend Puerto Sagua. If you want more of a scene and drinks I would hit Lario's on the Beach for cuban food/mojito's and sit outside.

      Tailgate- we usually do Le Sandwicherie. It's across from club deuce. You could also grab some stone crabs from Joe's.

      Happy Hour- tough call on the beach. You actually may be better off doing the tourist thing on Ocean Drive. I can guaranty that there will be tons of NE fans at the Clevlender all weekend. Finnegans way as well.
      The links are not working today.

      1. re: Sobe

        Isn't the clelander closed for rehab?

        1. re: netmover

          Did they shut the bar down too? You could be right.

    2. Went to Michy's a month ago. So delicious and Michelle Bernstein was a gracious host.

      For Cuban food we went to La Versailles near 8th St. Not sure of the address, but any local would know where to find it. It's in Little Havana. If you want good Cuban, you really should try and make it to this place. Awesome food in the restaurant and they have an awesome bakery attached.

      1. You should try BB's Cheaters Inn, I hear they serve a mean Suck-a-tash!

        1. Lunch Friday at The Standard, sunset drinks Friday at Smith & Wollensky, dinner Friday at Michaels or The Food Gang. Saturday breakfast at The Pelican. Saturday lunch Nemo, Saturday afternoon or sunset drinks at Monty's (jump in the pool, it's surprisingly clean). Sunday brunch at The Ritz Carlton.

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          1. re: ciao_hound

            We've been to Food Gang a few times, and unless someone tells me it's dramatically improved, I wouldn't bother again unless I happened to be in Bal Harbour and was hungry. Certainly wouldn't choose it over Michael's or Talula.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              A quick note on the Food Gang: We've eaten there twice in the past month, and the food was absolutely delicious - I think they've made some menu changes, staff changes, etc. We had a total of five dishes on those two trips: the calamari, tuna tartare, the cod, seared scallops and a seafood bouillabaise (sp?). I absolutely stand by my recommendation, but I will say, the wine is quite pricey.

            2. re: ciao_hound

              I second Monty's for drinks, great views at sunset-just don't tell anyone you're Pats fans, (although pretty much everyone at Monty's is either a tourist or brain dead, or both), News Cafe for breakfast on Ocean Drive is an old tradition. Stick with breakfast items!