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Oct 6, 2007 07:16 AM

S/SE CT - Where is there a Big Selection of Beers - Esp Belgian

After coming back from Brussels ...

I would love to find a a place in Ct - -preferably along the S/South East corridor...

that offers a wide selection of Beers and includes those great Belgian Ales - Trappist, Lambics, etc.....

Please advise if the rec is a pub or restaraunt as well!

I travel largely in aorund New Haven/New London area and sometimes up to Hartford.

But willing to travel further if you think you have found the place of my dreams!


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  1. Norwalk may be a little far for you but they recently opened a Gingerman in SONO.

    I think it's a chain, we have one in the city, and according to the website they recently opened ones in Greenwich and Norwalk. I noticed a few Belgian ales on the website.

    1. alright... not positive where you are in CT or what sort of travel limitations you have but if up for a nice ride through the New York countryside, may I recommend Ommegang Brewery outside of Cooperstown NY (they have a website too). I know that next weekend is their October festival (Belgian beer AND waffles--- yum!). So if your up for a weekend trip perhaps and want to enjoy the fall foliage, I recommend it.

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        If you are looking for package stores try Amity Wines off exit 59 on the Merritt. Or for a bar, The Tap room on Whalley Ave in Westville

      2. if you're looking for a store that is the beer plaec of your dreams, check out half time in poughkeepsie, ny.

        1500 different types of beers. sold individually (yes!), or in multi packs. each month they have 10 different types of beers on tap until they run out (though you have to buy the growler to hold it the first time).

        i've tried a ton of different ones there.

        1. For Southern CT, Delaney's is the place to go. It's at the corner of Whalley and Fountain in the Westville section of New Haven. There's two halves- the restaurant and the tap room. The tap room is a bit college-bar-esque, but the restaurant is quite nice, and the beer selections are the same throughout. There is usually something on cask. The food is tasty as well. Between tap and bottles, they usually have around 30 Belgians to choose from.

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            i second this reco. great place and the best draft belgian selection in ct. if you're not satisfied, and you want to find a place that would be true belgian beer nirvana, continue up 91 to northampton mass and visit the dirty truth. more like 40+ taps and even RARER belgians than what delaney's has.