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Oct 6, 2007 07:13 AM

HELP! Frosting + RIDICULOUS humidity= ARGH!!!

It's October. I have my central air on. Let me repeat...its OCTOBER! It is going to hit around 88 today and 86 tomorrow. We are doing simple cupcakes for a baby shower tomorrow afternoon and my partner in crime has been experimenting with a Wilton Cake Decorating Kit. She would like to gussy up the cupcakes and make cutie flowers and roses and all that jazz.

What would be the best frosting to use for decorating that might hold up until the shower? We have access to refridgerator space and my central air is on. Should the cupcakes be cold (like refridgerator cold) before we ice them?

Any other tips from my BakerChows would be great!


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  1. I'm surprised noone's answered this yet, here is my attempt...
    If you have air on and the cupcakes are going to a place with central air as well, you shouldn't have a problem with simple buttercream frosting, which is easy to decorate/embelish with.
    If, however, they are going to be subjected to heat and sitting outside for hours you may need something more stiff. -Although I'd still probably stick with buttercream, I've used it for wedding cakes in the summer with no problem.
    Don't refrigerate the cupcakes, it just makes them go stale and isn't neccessary. If you are going from a place with A/C to a place with A/C don't sweat it. Just make sure you run your car with the a/c on to cool it down before you transport.
    Good luck! Where are you, btw???

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    1. re: rabaja

      Im in Northeastern Ohio....about an hour out of Cleveland. The humidity is GROSS and to think that a month ago we thought that we would be a little chilly. Not so much.

      We purchased a Wilton Buttercream Icing mix and have that chilling in the fridge right now. The cupcakes are baked (jesus is the kitchen hot!) and are cooling in the dining room away from the heat of the kitchen. We are going to a venue with Central Air and I had planned to start my Trailblazer in advance because well, I hate humidity with an undying passion. Humidity and I are not friends.

      Should I refridgerate the cakes tonight after she ices them? We need to be on the move by 11am tomorrow and I have ZERO intention of shutting off the AC.

      1. re: chelleyd01

        We are the same here in GA - it is terrible weather for frosting and hair.

        I don't think you need to refrigerate the cupcakes tonight - should be ok, just cover them of course. Rabaja is right, they'll go stale.