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Oct 6, 2007 06:53 AM

Breakfast joint in Hillsborough, NC?

Biking into Hillsborough tomorrow morning, wondering if anyone knows of a good breakfast spot there?

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  1. I cannot for the life of me think of a breakfast place in Hillsborough that I would recommend.

    1. I haven't eaten any food there, but the Patisserie on King St. offers breakfast. Two of the people I bike to Hillsborough with ordered breakfast last Saturday when we were there. One said that the eggs over medium were more like easy, and the other liked the hash brown scramble. For my part, the coffee was fine.

      There's inside dining and tables outdoors with service, or you can go to the counter and order pastries or coffee. Out of olfactory consideration for other diners, we opted for outside. It was a glorious day to be outdoors anyway.

      1. the place that Used to be St James Pharmacy (which had the most amazing pancakes ever!) and is now called Gulf Rim, I believe still has breakfast items...

        other than that, i only know the little place around the corner next to the hardware store? Kelsey's or something? they do a small no-frills buffet. and there's a cup-a-joe's for you basic needs.

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          I had brunch at Gulf Rim Cafe yesterday morning, prior to a ride in Orange County. Note that Gulf Rim offers breakfast items only on Sunday, starting at 11:00.

          I had huevos rancheros, which were excellent. Crispy corn tortillas, topped with nicely flavored, perfectly cooked blacks beans, fried eggs, chile verde and chopped ripe tomato with flavor (where'd they get that?). Shredded lettuce on one side, fresh fruit on the other. The sauce can be rojo or verde. I opted for verde because it was supposed to be hotter. While tasty, it was anything but hot.

          Other food that I observed included crab cakes benedict, eggs sardou and the flying Mayan. All looked lovely.

          More here:

          1. re: dschoonmaker

            so far, the menu seems fine, but not teribly different or unique. One thing i'll commend is that their Brunch items are actually fairly well in line with what the overall cuisine is supposed to be.

            meaning: I want to implode when i see an amazing Lebanese restaurant, for example, offer only standard brunch items or an "authentic southern breakfast." what the hell? what about an authentic Lebanese breakfast? know what i mean?