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Oct 6, 2007 06:43 AM

Gift certificate for coach in Durham

The parents of our middle school soccer team boys have decided to get the coach a gift certificate to a local restaurant as a thank-you. One parent suggested that he might be a "steakhouse kinda guy" - okay - maybe that's stereotyping him a bit, but I'm guessing he's not necessarily into profiteroles. I'm thinking that he doesn't really want to go all-out fancy-pants, but that he would appreciate good food. If I actually liked the quality of meat served at Chamas, I would go for that. We first thought of Angus Barn, but then I thought...why not keep it in Durham. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm guessing we can round up at least $100.

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  1. My favorite steakhouse is Bin 54 in Chapel Hill.....if you really want to keep it in Durham, I would suggest Metro Eight on Ninth St.

    1. I'm certainly with you in regards to Chamas. However, I've only eaten there once and have seen plenty of solid reviews from others who's opinion I value. In addition, it's a lively place that would be a fun night out. Between it and the Barn, I would vote for Chamas in a second.

      Of course, you can find a steak many places that aren't steakhouses and most of what Durham is doing is down to earth enough for anyone with even a shred of refinement. I mean, Vin Rouge, Rue Cler, Piedmont, none of them really smack of "fancy pants". From what I can gather from the comments, Watts Grocery would fit that as well. Really only Nana's and 4-sq. might be too much.

      With all the opportnities to hook him up with something interesting that isn't weird, I would think that going with the barn would be a bit of a cop-out. I'm guessing that you got put in charge (or took charge) of this because you're the resident foodie. Time to answer the call.

      1. I would suggest Metro 8. Bin 54 has an excellent reputation, but the prices are eye-poppingly expensive for this area. I've been very pleased with Metro 8's food and service and you'll get more bang for your buck there.