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Oct 6, 2007 04:43 AM

Dinner for large party in Orleans or Chatham?

We are entertaining a group from California to Egypt in 2 weeks on Cape Cod. The group will be about 15 total. Mixed ages so not too loud, not too gourmet, but local. I was thinking Joe's in East Orleans, somewhere in Chatham but not the Squire, anybody been to Nauset Beach Club or Mahoney's Atlantic Grill in Orleans? Ideas? THANKS

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  1. I have been to NBC. It does not seem to be a real group friendly kind of place in fact whilst I love the food I never felt a warm welcoming reception there. It is rather small too so I think a group might overwhelm the environment. Mahoney's is big enough. Perhaps Academy Grill as well? The Coast might be another idea but I cannot vouch for the food. In chatham what about the former Wayside? It is big.

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      NBC has, I think, amazing food!! Been there twice in the past month and loved it both times. It is though, a little small for that large a party. How about Rosina's in Orleans?? Good Italian food and large enough to handle your group easily.

    2. I would look into Winslow Taven in Wellfleet. I was there in August with a group of the same size and we had a private room(we didn't ask for it). They did a great job the food and good and the wait staff made us feel welcome. We call for reservation the day of and they are just wonderful. I would check to see if they are open (I believe they are)