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Oct 5, 2007 11:54 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Madison

Hello all. We've been in Madison for about a year now and have found some great special occasional restaurants -- Restaurant Magnus, Sardine, Osteria Papavero, Eno Vino, Cocoliquot (for desserts) -- but I'm looking to try something new for our anniversary next week.

Fresco is right near where we'll be, but are the prices worth it?
I have heard good things about Lombardino's. I have been dying to dry the new Sushi Muramoto in Hilldale (if I can convince DH to get Asian). I haven't been to Blue Marlin yet, and tonight some customers recommended the veal at Peppino's downtown.

Ideas, 'hounds? We've been to Harvest and L'Etoile is out until I finish my thesis and have a really good reason to reward myself. :-)

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  1. I don't think L'Etoile is any more expensive than Harvest - I was shocked at our bill there and the small portions. It was good, but not that good. And both I the lady next to me and I were very glad I had a bag of Maldon sea salt in my bag for the foie gras :)

    1. Lombardino's is awesome. Do dat.

      1. Lombardino's is outstanding--my favorite restaurant in the city, with the best calamari in the city. I was not overly impressed with Fresco, loud, limited menu, however, a great view. Either of the Muramoto's would be great. I have heard several negative reviews of Blue Marlin since the change in ownership. Didn't have a good meal at Ocean Grill. You might consider Nadia's on State, a State Journal reviewer once said she had her best meal of the year there.