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Oct 5, 2007 11:17 PM


took customers there two days ago.

a knock-out of a space. and the best meal that i have had in a restaurant in years.

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  1. Just went there. Possibly the last member of Chowhound to do so! However, it was the best restaurant meal I have had in DFW for a long time. The 'reference' menu is here but Dean has tweaked it in several respects.

    Foie Gras. Perfectly prepared and superb with the Sauternes by the glass;
    Bob White Quail. New appetizer. Recommended by Dean. The combination of the quail and the black pig bacon was brilliant. We know how small birds can be dry. Well, the bacon contributes flavor and moisture to the quail. This is new, and recommended.
    Pheasant w Oregon Truffles (new): Juicy and conforting. Oregon doesn't get the recognition that it deserves for its truffles despite the professional following of James Beard award winning author and chef Jack Czarnecki ( This dish showed them at their best.
    Scallops: "Griddled Wild Sea Scallops on Wilted Brussels Sprout Leaves
    and Smoked Virginia Ham with Tangerine Essence". The scallops were recommended by Dean Fearing as being particularly good. He was right. The flesh was sweet. I am going to steal the idea of a base of brussel sprout leaves. I have always been part of the 0.00001% of humanity who loves brussels sprouts and this adds a whole new use for them.

    Dessert: Banana Pie. Perfect ending. Try the Tokai after this.

    Wine: Well chosen list that doesn't force you to spend a fortune to get a good bottle.
    Recommend the Taittenger Brut and Schaffennerger Brut by the glass to start. The Sauternes by the glass with the Foie Gras (see above). The Tokai with non-chocolate desserts.