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Oct 5, 2007 10:30 PM

Abuelitas for Group Dinner?

Can anyone tell me how Abuelitas in Topanga would be for a party of about 10? I like Inn of the Seventh Ray for the outdoor scenic seating, but food needs to be no more then say $30 a person. I'm thinking Abuelitas is also in Topanga, and it's mexican food, so it should be more in my price range, it also may have similar outside dinning area - but I've never been there.So, am I totally off? Anyone have any other ideas? Better ideas?

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  1. Was there in July or so. Owner had recently sold restaurant. Food was blegh and dissapointing. I would call first to see where they are in this selling process and test the waters before you book a party! Waitress said the orig. owner was a local and the new owner was from "out fo town" - She didn't sound thrilled. KQ

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      That doesn't sound good, hmm, has anyone else been there recently? How was your experience?

      1. re: LMelba

        A while back I had a group of 10 to meet for dinner and Abuelitas was somewhat central to all of us.

        I called 3 times leaving messages about wanting to make reservations and NEVER received a call back. I said in my last message that it's for a party of 10 and I was sure they did not want a party that size 'walking in' without reservations.

        They still never called back.

        1. re: LesThePress

          I went to Abuelita's on Saturday with one other person. The food was pretty good--I had hard shelled tacos and my gf had the chicken mole burrito. I've always liked the place and the long straggly haired waiter that we're always fortunate to get.

          We sat outside and there are two areas where 10 people could sit. One area is right beneath the railing/walkway that takes you down to the patio and then there are two larger picnic style tables set up at the far end of the patio.
          I think Abuelita's would make for a great night.

          1. re: Wolfgang

            That's good to know. Sounds a bit hit or miss considering the earlier posts. The outdoor seating - is it anything like Inn of the Seventh Ray?

            1. re: LMelba

              I've never been to the Seventh Ray, so I can't compare the seating.

              1. re: Wolfgang

                outside on a deck, more "rustic" and a little less nature than seventh ray. It's a smaller outside seating area also.

    2. You might also think about Froggy's in Topanga.
      We haven't been in quite awhile, but the food was pretty good, as I recall....

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      1. re: CEfromLA

        i think froggy's is better for a group also .. .. and the food is better

          1. re: LMelba

            they don't -- I tried to find their menu on the web but could not. it's less than your budget of $30 a person. There's fish plates w/ sides (similar to the Reel Inn but better), some salads, hamburgers, quesadillas. the specials are pretty good -- my husband swears by the seared ahi tuna asian salad.

              1. re: tigercactus

                Sounds good, I trying to find location online I found some other non-chow reviews that this place is sometimes there, and sometimes not... does that even make sense? If I'm going out with a group of 10 I want to be sure that they are there and serving food. Have you had any odd experiences there like this?

                1. re: LMelba

                  wine & beer bar.
                  sometimes there, sometimes not? mean sometimes they are closed when they are not supposed to be? that has not been my experience. (I live close by and drive past it everyday on my commute.) You can call and ask for "opening hours" or something like that if you are concerned. I think the only odd experieinces I have had is going there and finding there's a belly dancing exhibition/recital going on ...

        1. I've been to Abuelitas a few months ago. The food was so-so, and the atmosphere wasn't all that great.