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Oct 5, 2007 10:09 PM

The Foundry?

Just got back from dinner at The Foundry on Melrose. Barf. Four of us shared four appetizers and we all had four different entrees. The appetizers were passable, but definitlely trying too hard. The entrees were not good. The chicken was disgusting. I would compare it to a poor business class airline dish. Most of the dishes had components that were cool in temperature amidst hot and warm components. The best dish we had was the halibut. I seem to be having a basic problem with fine dining anymore. It's just bombastic and unsatisfying from city to city. I just spent some time in Chicago and was underwhelmed there as well. Same with New York. I wish we could get someone to focus on the food and to quit trying to perform acrobatics and combining disparate ingredients. It's just no fun and totally not worth the money we're being asked to pay. The same group of us had a completely uninspiring, horribly serviced meal at Craft. Thank goodness that Osteria Mozza was as good as it was anticipated to be. I drank a Underberg the second I got home to try to help the mess in my stomach. Sorry for the negativity, but I'm getting tired of paying to try these awful attempts at high-end food.

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  1. bigsleep, I completely agree with you and was underwhelmed by my experience at Foundry.

    I had a very nice time at Craft, but agree in general with your sentiments regarding bombast and increasingly high costs. I've found myself reticient to try new places recently, finding that if I'm going to spend the money I'd rather go somewhere like JAR that I know and love.

    I think this is why I'm so excitied for Comme Ca. A place focusing on classical food at reasonable prices without all the pretense (I hope). think this is why I also love places like Vivoli and Le Petit Bistro.

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      VPG - totally agree with your choices, and likewise cannot wait for comme ca, which to me will probably end up being my favorite new restaurant opening of the year, with Fraiche second, and the mozza gig a distant 3rd.
      You might want to add Pastis on Beverly Blvd. near Crescent Hts. to your list.

      As to Foundry, never been, yet having tasted Eric's grub at Meson G, feel no reason to do so. Always trying to be more complicated than I really am in the mood for.

    2. Wow -- seems like we were at 2 totally different restaurants. I had dinner there a few weeks ago...had the tasting menu and it was very good. I don't have a complaint about any of the items.

      And, I actually found Osteria Mozza just okay...but I LOVE Pizzeria Mozza.

      1. bigsleep and VPG -- I completely agree with you. Overwrought food with a few too many ingredients. The service was slow (wine came out after the entree was finished). And the food seemed dishonest -- trying too hard to be different and original, when all the chef should be trying to do is cook well. BTW -- the cook seemed to be out in the dining room most of the night, so the kitchen staff seemed to be doing ost of the cooking.

        1. different strokes for different folks, i guess. My gf and I had the tasting menu with the wine pairing last weekend and had a wonderful dinner. I wasn't too crazy about the squash cobb salad, but almost everything else was very well executed. The service was also very good and generous pours on the wines.