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Oct 5, 2007 09:49 PM

Thai Austin Forest Hills

I've been going to Thai Austin in Forest Hills since it opened. The food is really good, but whats with the service?? At first I thought because they're new, but its been over a year now and the service is still horrible!!! Last time I went there with family, we waited forever for menus, then we finally got our appetizers, but no plates or forks!!! Went there again tonight and waited about a 1/2 hr for dessert (though there were only a handful of people in the place), forever for the check, the dessert was the wrong flavor, etc.

Mind you, I'm really not that high maintenance, and generally pretty patient, but I'm getting a bit put off with the horrible in-house dining experience here.

I think I'm going to treat Thai Austin as a take-out place only.

ANyone else have similar experiences?

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  1. Speak to the owners and let them know. If I was a restaurant owner, I would want to know if customers were unhappy because of poor service. This is constructive criticism that helps owners. The owners are aware that they're not the only Thai restaurant in the area. Don't waste your time speaking with the waitstaff. You should complained before you left the restaurant but it's not too late. Let owners know the next time your in the area. Always speak up concerning poor service and food. The best way to send a message to the waitstaff is the gratutity/tip you leave. I leave 15% - 20% for good service and 0% to 5% for poor service. The 0% to 5% sends a strong message to the waitstaff.

    1. Thai Austin is my favorite restaurant on that strip. I've never had a bad experience per se, staff has always been friendly and accommodating but I agree they are on the slow side. The place is never full so the slowness is inexcusable and you always have to flag down the waitress for stuff. Good food though, I'll still go back.

      1. Pretty funny. I had the identical experience. My wife and I went for lunch one day a couple of months ago. There were only two other customers but it still took over 10 minutes for the waitress to take our order after we got our menus. The food arrived and we realized we needed a spoon. I went back towards the kitchen and wandered around for a solid 5 minutes before someone finally came out to get me the spoon. The next time we saw another employee was a half hour later when we had finished our meal. She brought us our check without asking if we wanted anything else. Very appropriate. We won't be back.

        1. i agree. i did take out once on a late saturday night. not packed at all. maybe 5-6 tables going. took my order after looking surprised and then i waited more than 45mins for it!! at one point i was going to leave. it came out to a bit below $10 and the waitress had the audacity to ask me if i wanted change. heck yeah! why would i be tipping any penny extra for me waiting so long for it. i think i would have done better hopping on the train to jackson hts one stop and order from places around the station. the service is lacking bc i think the waitresses there (only two) are very inexperienced and young. teenagers really.

          1. I have only done delivery from there, and once it was great, but the 2 other times it took so long that the food came cold, and then seemed dry after reheating. the 2nd time this happened it was early- about 5 pm on a Sunday, they told me 20-30 minutes, but after and hour I actually called them, and they said he was on his way.

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              Has anyone tried the Thai restaurant on 70th Road that opened about a year ago soon after the opening of Austin Thai. I've walked by several times and they always seem busy. It's never mentioned on Chowhound.

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                Yea I've tried the one on 70th Road. The food is OK, nothing spectacular, but not bad either. Just average.

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                Thai Austin is our favorite lunch place, we've probably been going once a month for 2 years and I would go there more often if I could walk from my office. It is consistently delicious, freshly prepared and yes, the service was always a bit slow. But today was different, we had a different wait person who was incredibly efficient and everything came without much delay. We're always fearful the place will close down because it's usually just us and maybe one or 2 other tables, that's it. If you haven't been in a while, I highly recommend you trying it again. Especially love all the green curries and the pad see ew.