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Oct 5, 2007 09:47 PM

Most romantic in Baltimore

Ok this might be an old topic somewhere but I got a dating anniversary coming up next week and I dont have time to go hunting in the archives. I need some input please :) I have some ideas but I need fresh ones...and no melting pot! thanks a bunch!

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  1. Prime Rib, Charleston, Tio Pepe, Louisiana, Ixia

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    1. re: Sop

      The person who tried Pisces and reported back truly seemed to enjoy it (search Pisces Baltimore for her full report, I would guess). Beautiful view, piano music, seafood. Other comments have not been as good, but it is hard to tell how recently those folks were actually there?

      1. re: a70wilson

        Thanks for input. One thing about Pisces, although I've never been there, reminds me of a place where my grandparents will go :)

        Nevertheless I'll consider your suggestions!

    2. The dining room in Henningers is romantic I think!

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      1. re: hon

        Never thought of that, thanks and I'll add it to the list.

        One thing as well is we are going out on a Saturday night and the last thing we need is to scream at each other so that we could hear each other because it was just way too loud wherever we end up. We "heard" that Prime Rib can get really crowded and loud. We really wanted to be somewhere that we would feel like we are the only ones there. We went to Petit Louis on our third anniversary and we were seated next to the window and fireplace - how extremely considerate of them! Even though the restaurant was packed we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We cant say the same when we went to Inn at Little Washington - I was literally hitting the elbow of the people to both my sides. On top of that when my wife asked for a suggestion, our waiter said to "close your eyes and point" - not exactly what I expected for such a place as famous as theirs.

        1. re: ericm

          How about Tersiguel's in Ellicott City? French country, small rooms, quiet and romantic.

          1. re: Sop

            I just ate there for the first time on Saturday. The food is great, it is very cozy and the service staff are warm and friendly. The food is also a great value of the money.

            1. re: Sop

              We got engaged in Tersiguel's :) And we wouldn't mind going there again.


              1. re: Sop

                I agree with this suggestion. My husband took me there (or rather I dragged him) for my birthday. The food was delicious and the wait staff very attentive.

          2. Since you mentioned ILW have you ever tried ANTRIM 1844 in Taneytown ?

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            1. re: Hue

              The Antrim looks very romantic and I'll consider that if we have time to drive up that way. The trip to the the Inn in Little Washington happened because we were in Alexandria during the day so we didn't mind driving another hour outside deep in ham country Virginia. It's interesting how they would consider that a DC restaurant and its definitely not because of where it is but more of who could afford to eat there.

            2. The Brass Elephant is very lovely, altho the food is not up to Tersiguel's. Depending on your date, the Prime Rib could be the perfect place.

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              1. re: tartuffe

                We went to the Brass for my wife's birthday and as lovely as that place was, we were literally the only ones there for the most part. One thing that ruined that night as we were sitting next to the window was when the police pulled over someone right in front of us. The flashing lights were so bright and annoying that it was blinding us half the time while we were eating. The things you compromise with while eating at a city restaurant, I guess.

              2. I found Abacrombie very romantic. First we had a martooni at their impressive bar, then we were tucked into a table near the kitchen window. Impeccable service, fabulous food, great wine flights. I was making goo-goo eyes at my man while we were there, as the atmosphere there was conducive to my feeling all romantic. (Though in all honestly, the martini and wine flight may have also had something to do with it...) :-)

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                1. re: venera

                  I thought Abarrombie was closed.

                  1. re: jes

                    Yes, Venera's wonderful experience at Abacrombie (as well as all of mine) are now just distant memories. The previous owner and executive chef sold out, and the purchasers frittered away the restaurant's most recent 3.5 star Sun rating and closed down earlier this summer. And what a shame, now that the BSO is experiencing a resurgence with their new Maestra!

                    1. re: bordeauxfan

                      OMG, I had no idea!! WIth good reason: I'm living halfway around the world right now. I was making a mental list of what would be the first place I'd like to go to once I got back to the US, and Abacrombie was one of the contenders.

                      I ate there shortly after Sonny left and everything was marvelous, as it should be. How sad that all of that deteriorated so quickly. I've only been gone 3.5 months. What a shame to lose a place like that. Wah.

                      1. re: venera

                        Word on the street says that it might open next year...but who knows

                        1. re: ericm

                          It's in the process of re-opening, I thinking it should be open by Jan, keep your fingers crossed